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Smoke-Damaged Art Repair in Las Vegas – Top 3 Tips

Do you want to prevent and mitigate fire and smoke damaged art? Fine Art Conservation Laboratories will provide you with three tips to protect your valuables. We’ll tell you three stories that explain the important of each of these tips. Protect your artwork today! Call (702) 757-3820 Continue reading

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Cherished Heirloom Painting Repair in Las Vegas by Professionals

Explore the process of art conservation and value of restoring family heirlooms in this insightful article. Discover how a seasoned art conservator in Las Vegas brings art back to life. Delve into the decision-making process for restoration, where factors like financial, emotional, and historical values intersect. Uncover the transformative power of meticulous conservation, breathing new life into cherished artworks. Join us in celebrating the enduring legacy of family treasures and artistic heritage. For a real-life testimonial, watch our video. Continue reading

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Water-Damaged Painting Restoration in Las Vegas

FACL, Inc. is known for their Las Vegas disaster response services for art. We have over 30 years of experience and have worked on a wide variety of items including paintings, collectibles, heirlooms, and even murals. Call us today for a free quote! Continue reading

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Art Conservation Restoration Expert? “Have you worked for any institutions?”

A New York art dealer has a client that needs some art conservation help in Utah and after looking over my resume wrote me that, yes, they had seen where we’ve done work for the Fine Arts Museum in SF … Continue reading

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Hopeless Smoke Damaged Oil Paintings Given New Life – 3 Valuable Tips

By Annia Bonifaz, Guest Blogger Responding and taking care of smoke damaged paintings, art and antiques is a job or need with which you will require expert, professional help. This article tells about a couple of recent true-life stories designed … Continue reading

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“Restored” Painting of Christ in Spain – “Behold, the Monkey!”

Isn’t there a movie or skit of Mr. Bean cleaning and then retouching a painting?! I never thought we’d see the real deal. Last week as this story leaked out onto the international news networks, I began having people mention … Continue reading

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Kent Twitchell Partners With Scott Haskins to Finish Art Conservation of Mural at Biola University

This video link of the art conservation/restoration of monumental realistic beautiful outdoor mural by Kent Twitchell at Biola University will take you to the dedicated page for this project. Kent teamed up with Scott Haskins to resolve difficult conservation questions … Continue reading

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Dutch Old Master Painting Glows After Cleaning

The art conservation on this beautiful Dutch Old Master, oil on panel, was just completed for an art collector in Las Vegas. Even though it was a pretty painting, I think he bought it for a very good price at … Continue reading

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Painting by Minerva Teichert Glued to Plywood Removed- Why?

This wonderful painting on canvas by Minerva Teichert of Pioneers was glued down to plywood when it was last restored… and a poor job it was. Bubbles or detachments showed how unevenly and poorly it was attached. But here’s a … Continue reading

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