Mural Restoration of Water Damage on Monumental Los Angeles Wholesale Produce Market Murals

Art Conservation of Murals by Thomas Suriya Art Conservation of Murals by Thomas Suriya

Water damage, fading of colors and paint and a whitened crystalized varnish layer had made these murals only a ghost image of their former glory. This page shows the exciting/interesting processes of mural restoration and art conservation and the transformation that took place on these gorgeous, monumental murals (6,600 sq. ft.) of fruit and vegetables on the front buildings of the Los Angeles Wholesale Produce Market in 2011. They are a landmark and pride in the community.

The fun part about this website is the videos! See below…

This project was undertaken by Scott Haskins and Fine Art Conservation Laboratories (FACL, Inc.) on behalf of the LA Produce Market management. The art conservation/restoration work was done under the guidance of the original artist, Thomas Suriya after the Community Redevelopment Agency of Los Angeles (CRA/LA) asked Scott Haskins to contact the artist

  1. The first video is the introduction and review of the murals by Scott Haskins. (4 minutes)
  2. The second video is about the testing and analysis we did to determine results and benefits (and risks) by Scott Haskins(4 minutes)
  3. The third video is about the treatments and results of the  art conservation/restoration processes by Virginia Panizzon, Diane Stevenett and Scott Haskins from Fine Art Conservation Laboratories – (14 minutes)
  4. A fourth video (18 minutes) is the restoration work done by the original artist, Thomas Suriya assisted by Virginia Panizzon and Scott Haskins from FACL, Inc. Take a look… very cool!

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“Like” this video with a THUMBS UP at the top of the page, please.

“Like” this video with a THUMBS UP at the top of the page, please

“Like” this video with a THUMBS UP at the top of the page, please

Also, here are some during treatment photos showing the visual transformation when the whitened crystalized surface varnish was regenerated (remelted) to be a clear varnish layer again.







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27 Responses to Mural Restoration of Water Damage on Monumental Los Angeles Wholesale Produce Market Murals

  1. Daniel says:

    This is very cool idea, the videos are very informative one and even enjoying reading your blog is a great one. Thanks for this. Keep posting!
    click here

  2. Good to see these murals preserved for future generations to enjoy.

  3. Brittany says:

    Beautiful murals, they turned out great!

  4. Bert says:

    Such an interesting project. I love the gigantic fruit. It must me amazing to see it in person. You are obviously the right guy for the job.

  5. Dave says:

    Great video and great job documenting this, Scott. My cousin actually does murals down in San Diego!

  6. Really great ideas and amazing work you do. This would be great to do up in Seattle on some murals. We work on water damaged items as well. Thanks

    – Water Damage Restoration Seattle

  7. Very good article about an interesting example of water damage; good ideas and concepts. There are other blog posts here that discuss home disaster situations where they offer professional help with framed items that are interesting too. Since our company provides these disaster response services, I can tell you that this post and this website provide realistic, professional info that is much better than any other I’ve seen. Thanks!

  8. Mike says:

    What a cool idea, i will pass this along to one of my buddies who is a painter

  9. It amazes me how one can have the ability to specialize in particular fields, restoring a water damage on a property is my cup of tea but in this case I have to handed to you. Awesome results, what a great job you did on this water damaged mural.

    • Scott M. Haskins says:

      Hi Gary,
      Thanks for your comment. Give me a call. I’d like to know more about your business. 805 570 4140
      TTYS. We’re located in Southern California but work in Las Vegas and Utah also. The reason I asked is because we reach out specifically to disaster response coompanies to assist them and be a subcontractor for them to work on damage to artwork related items. Here’s a quick video of working with a client in Las Vegas:
      All my best wishes

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  11. Frank Covert says:

    It really saddens me to see works of art damaged, even unintentionally. There is just so much story behind every piece of art, and I’m thankful that restoring them can bring so much back.

  12. Dana Kinest says:

    Awesome post !!! Thanks for spending the time to discuss this..Thanks for sharing this post…

  13. Tim Grout says:

    Its a cool project…I’ve gone through your stuff on your website and the projects look so nice. Its great to see specialists do such a quality job. We do stone cleaning, sometimes on historic properties, and I always appreciate guys with your professional expertise. I’ll be in your touch till your next updates too. Keep it up.

  14. Mark says:

    This is great.We work on water damage all the time but this type of project would be WAY beyond us. I’ve enjoyed reading your post and learning your project. Keep up the good work. I guess we could call you if we get involved with artwork in a water damage situation?

    • Scott M. Haskins says:

      We would love to work with you Mark. We are happy to be your subcontractor and be the art expert for your company.

  15. Scott M. Haskins says:

    Kathy, I love those murals, too. They really are an amazing part of that neighborhood.

  16. Erik says:

    Wow, I dont understand how you can do this! I wouldn’t be able to track what I was doing on the picture while I was painting it’s so big!.., its too big in my opinion…
    I’m really impressed!I love murals and wish we had them like this in Stockholm.

  17. Colleen Bergan says:

    Great project. Its interesting how people can waste money because they think they know more than an expert. But, you would think with water damage on something so specialized as a mural they would ask someone before just varnishing over everything with whatever. Thank you and good luck.

  18. mark cooper says:

    Wow, what a great job you guys did on this water damaged mural. My company specializes in water damage but we don’t work/touch artwork. This kind of work is best left to specialists like you. Its good to see the results of the hard work you do. Congratulations to you guys

  19. Allison Naples says:

    These are such cool murals and what a great difference from your treatments and conservation work! It was great seeing the original artist involved in the restoration and working with an art conservator. I’ve been privy to some discussions in LA with artists who get their nickers all twisted up cause they want to be paid for the restoration of their murals and they see art conservators as competition. But this project looks like a very good arrangement.

    • Allison,
      Thanks for you comments. I think the working relationship between original artist and conservator is very productive. It worked great on this project where we took care of the logistics, contracts, administrative stuff and paid the artist more than he asked to guide the restoration. And, we’ve worked very successfully on an “as needed” basis with Kent Twitchell on his Biola Jesus, Strother Martin and Steve McQueen murals. On other murals, Kent has left the entire project up to us, like on Jim Morphesis Monument, where he only consulted. You’ll find other videos and posts on the blog about these projects. See our videos (and sign up as a subscriber) on our YouTube channel at “bestartdoc”

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  21. Jordan Jarvis says:

    This was a cool project. Thanks for sharing. Loved the vids.

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