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What to Do with Inherited Collections: Preserving Las Vegas

Do you care about your family history? This article is for you. Inheriting a collection of photos, papers, books, and letters following the passing of a relative can pose both sentimental and logistical challenges. The question arises: What to do … Continue reading

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How to Choose the Right Art Storage Facility

In the world of art conservation and preservation, choosing the right art storage facility is a crucial decision for both collectors and institutions. The right choice can ensure the safety and longevity of valuable artworks, especially in a desert climate … Continue reading

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Can a Ripped Painting Be Repaired? Discussion With an Art Restoration Expert

Scott M. Haskins is our resident expert in Art Restoration Services provided in Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada.  Here are his words of wisdom about the potential for a ripped painting to be repaired: As the Head of Conservation at … Continue reading

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How Much Does Painting Repair Cost? – Las Vegas art restoration services

Have you been wondering how much painting repair costs? You’re in luck. In this article, the process of how pricing for an art restoration, painting repair, conservation services plan, etc. works. Let’s dive into how we can get your items … Continue reading

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Smoke-Damaged Art Repair in Las Vegas – Top 3 Tips

Do you want to prevent and mitigate fire and smoke damaged art? Fine Art Conservation Laboratories will provide you with three tips to protect your valuables. We’ll tell you three stories that explain the important of each of these tips. Protect your artwork today! Call (702) 757-3820 Continue reading

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Cherished Heirloom Painting Repair in Las Vegas by Professionals

Explore the process of art conservation and value of restoring family heirlooms in this insightful article. Discover how a seasoned art conservator in Las Vegas brings art back to life. Delve into the decision-making process for restoration, where factors like financial, emotional, and historical values intersect. Uncover the transformative power of meticulous conservation, breathing new life into cherished artworks. Join us in celebrating the enduring legacy of family treasures and artistic heritage. For a real-life testimonial, watch our video. Continue reading

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Water-Damaged Painting Restoration in Las Vegas

FACL, Inc. is known for their Las Vegas disaster response services for art. We have over 30 years of experience and have worked on a wide variety of items including paintings, collectibles, heirlooms, and even murals. Call us today for a free quote! Continue reading

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Moldy Painting Restoration and other Disaster Response Services in Las Vegas

Discover essential tips for safeguarding your art and heirlooms from rain and flooding in Las Vegas. With the recent floods causing extensive damage, it’s crucial to take proactive measures to protect your cherished possessions. Learn how to relocate your items to a secure spot, shield them with plastic sheeting, and avoid common mistakes when dealing with water-damaged pieces. Explore the benefits of professional insurance and get insights from Fine Art Conservation Laboratories. Contact them at (805) 666-3415 for expert guidance. Continue reading

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