Our Team To Save, Preserve and Restore Paintings – Our Professional Art Conservation Team

Fine Art Conservation Laboratories specializes in the conservation/preservation and restoration of paintings on paper, on canvas and on murals. Under the direction of Scott M. Haskins, FACL has been providing professional art conservation services since 1984.

In addition to the excellent painting conservation professionals employed at FACL, some projects allow us to bring in other seasoned professionals from the US and abroad. All come together to create a company that has great depth of experience in craftsmanship and talent, proven problem solving expertise, analytical capabilities, professionalism, and art connoisseurship.

Full-time FACL Personnel

Scott M. Haskins, Pres. and Head of Conservation (Practicing since 1975)

Gena Dillon, Office Manager and Logistics

Virginia Panizzon, Conservator (Practicing since 1995)

Oriana Montemurro, Conservator (Practicing since 1999)

Andrew Jacobs, Disaster Response Coordinator

Danielle Masters, Conservation Technician, Preparator and Framing, Disaster Response

Denver Dillon, Technician

Other Important Independent Business Services Personnel

Diane Stevenett, Conservation Technician, Appraiser and collection surveys

David Fraidenberg, Fraidenberg and Assoc, Accounting

Painting Restoration

Delicate cleaning of a 19th century painting of a circus

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