Kent Twitchell Jesus Mural at Biola University – Restoration and Conservation 2011

This is Video #1 on the Evaluation and Testing of the mural prior to restoration and conservation

This is Video #2 on the regeneration and consolidation process of the top glazing layers and varnish that Kent used originally  in 1991 that have whitened and are cracked and flaking. This work was done prior to and in preparation for Kent’s pictorial restoration.

This is Video #3 of Kent’s restoration (repainting) of the figure of Jesus. See the spectacular results. Kent’s work ethic, professionalism and quality of painting blows my mind!

Kent comments on working with Virginia Panizzon, art conservator at FACL:

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12 Responses to Kent Twitchell Jesus Mural at Biola University – Restoration and Conservation 2011

  1. Ali Nawaz says:

    Awesome videos and paintings. Thank you for sharing such a good work of yours.

  2. Tori Hoff says:

    I love this painting. I drive by it every day and really appreciate knowing these details about it.

  3. Nelson Gladden says:

    I love this mural. I wish more murals like this could be put up. May God bless you for your efforts.

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    • Scott M. Haskins says:

      Thanks Kent for the compliment. It was a fun project to blog about. And as you can tell, Kent Twitchell is all about quality of work so our skills and personality worked perfectly together. It was a fun project to do with him. Stay tuned for other projects with Kent too. Stay in touch.

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  6. Hye Mi says:

    I`m from korea and living in dubai. I can`t english very well. little bit..becase just living 7 month in dubai. My job was mural in my country. I really love it. So your information is very nice to me. I hope learn the mural more ….:) I`m anxious to know more.

  7. The Biola video is fantastic! Kent has done a superb job and he is very fortunate to have you and others from FACL to assist him in restoring his magnificent art pieces. Kent Twitchell was one of the first muralists that created magnificent public art throughout the greater Los Angeles area beginning in the early 1970s. One could not call herself/himself an Angeleno should one not be able to easily identify “Bride & Groom”, “Steve McQueen Monument”, “Strother Martin Monument”, “Harbor Freeway Overture”, and “Seventh Street Altarpiece”, to mention a few, as Twitchell creations. Twitchell’s realistic style is readily recognizable and unique. I am extremely grateful to one of our greatest, Kent Twitchell, for helping to make Los Angeles recognized as one of the mural capitals of the world. With his dedication and with the help of FACL, Twitchell is striving to return Los Angeles to its former mural glory. Thank you Kent Twitchell, your Biola mural is, of course, magnificent!

  8. Janice Gagnon says:

    Great work guys!!!!! Absolutely beautiful….

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  10. Tom Suriya says:

    Yea, she’s my favorite magician too! Virginia was fantastic to work with on the restoration of my LA Produce Market Murals. See cool videos at

  11. Francesca says:

    Great! Good job Virginia!!!! And thank you Kent for giving us the opportunity to work with you!

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