Art Antiques Collectibles Storage at Fine Art Conservation Laboratories

Gena Dillon (Office Manager) Office: 805 564 3438

Scott M. Haskins’ (Art Conservator) Mobile: 805 570 4140

Individual care and ready access; short term or long term.

Art, antiques and collectible storage facility available in Santa Barbara area with our professional art conservation laboratory.

Gena Dillon, Office Manager 805 564 3438

Short term or long term. See features below.

Benefits to customers:

  1. Storage in same building with art conservation facility
  2. Immediate access/response by veteran professional art conservators & technicians.
  3. No public access to storage areas
  4. Double fire suppression system – water sprinklers and halon in a concrete and steel building.
  5. High quality building security – besides dead bolts etc…
    1. Immediate response fire and police
    2. Immediate response fire – heat and smoke
    3. Basic warehouse structure is steel and concrete.
  6. Pest control – rodents, silverfish fumigation of objects available.
  7. Mold & odor mitigation.
  8. Active low-grade temperature control (which passively tempers the RH but does not control it) – between 60 to 75 deg.
  9. Size of storage available limited only by warehouse size and roll up doors.
  10. Easy access to stored art on short notice.

Individualized custom solutions according to your needs

Additional benefits – Concierge Services

  1. Storage facility located next to UPS Shipping Center and close to Fed Exp. Shipping services available
  2. Supplemental insurance available
  3. Wrapping, crating & shipping service available
  4. Pick up and delivery service available in Southern California, The Central Coast, Las Vegas and Salt Lake City, UT.
  5. Art Installation and de-installation at residence or business.
  6. No one but fully trained, qualified professionals touch the artwork.
  7. Safety From Natural Disasters: Our facility is in a different earthquake zone than Los Angeles (far from San Andreas Fault). We are located in a 500 year flood plain, no potential mud flow zone, no potential wildfire zone, no potential tsunami zone.

No one but fully trained professionals touch the artwork

For more information call

Gena Dillon, Office Manager

at Fine Art Conservation Laboratories 

805 564 3438. Hours 9 – 5 , M – Fri


Scott M. Haskins’, Art Conservator

After Hours Mobile 805 570 4140


Don’t let mishandling and poor storage result in damage like this recent painting in our art conservation laboratory

Practically ripped in half by packers, movers and storage guys who “knew-it-all.”