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Cleaning a painting with smoke damage 30 sec video

Cleaning smoke damage from artwork, other framed items and collectibles is a service we routinely take care of. Paintings are often darkened by discolored varnish too. This gorgeous tonalist vintage painting, about 1920, by Granville Redmond  re-emerges from the darkness … Continue reading

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Can Botched, Over-Restored Art (repainted) Be Saved? Clean an oil painting

Wonder Woman has been busy lately saving the world and now she’s doing art restoration on ancient statues at the Met and saving the world’s heritage too. I’m glad that she sees saving our heritage as an important work worthy … Continue reading

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Historic Oil Painting of Russian Royalty Slashed and Painted Over But Not Forgotten

Over the decades we have, in our art conservation and restoration laboratory repaired rips (bayonet slashing) on portraits of Russian royal family members, discovered forgotten Russian master artists and worked on an important portrait by Ilya Rapin… but we have … Continue reading

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Daughters Of Utah Pioneers International Museum- Mormon Art

I’m working this week at the Daughters Of Utah Pioneers International Museum in Salt Lake City on two large paintings on canvas. Sometimes because of the size of the paintings, I go work on location. I’ve been received very warmly … Continue reading

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Clean a Painting by William Wendt – Most Colorful Wendt You’ve Ever Seen? George Stern Finds Treasure

William Wendt’s (1865-1946) paintings were often produced with a predominately green appearance or predominately brown. So, is this the most colorful painting you’ve ever seen by Wendt? Leave a comment below. George Stern found this painting at the last minute … Continue reading

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Two Testimonials Received Today for Art Conservation and Painting Restoration Services

For those of you who have not done business with FACL, Inc. YET, let me share with you these two testimonials that we received today: “We have trusted FACL in Santa Barbara since 2002 with all our work, especially with … Continue reading

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Cleaning A Layer Of Nicotine Yellow Off A Painting – Case in Point, Delirium Flesh by David Mann

I’m delivering this back to its owner tomorrow. He’ll be thrilled to see the wonderful colors “back.” He really loves this print/giclee. It goes well with his Harley. This was a case when the love justifies the price even though … Continue reading

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Art Conservation Consulting Overseas, Out of State, Door to Door

I consulted with a client in Hawaii today about doing the conservation work and making several historic paintings of volcanoes and lava look their best. As an aside, while good photos might be helpful in having a better conversation over … Continue reading

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Armin Hansen Paintings From The Monterey Museum of Art – Video on Cleaning Armin Hansen’s Paintings

We had the wonderful opportunity to clean two of Armin Hansen’s masterpieces from the collection of the Monterey Museum of Art because we had the lovely recommendation to the museum by Terry and Paula Trotter of Trotter Galleries in Carmel. … Continue reading

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