Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara (MCASB) Featured Expert Speaker Art Conservation

What are the materials and methods of contemporary painting? How do they differ from tradition? What variations create problems and consequences for conservation and restoration? Fine Art Conservator, Scott M. Haskins will entertain and educate with stories and examples from his quest to save today’s artistic paintings for future generations.

Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara (MCASB)
Paseo Nuevo Upper Arts Terrace, 653 Paseo Nuevo, Santa Barbara, CA 93101,

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New “Twists” on Authenticating Artwork

Identifying Art Fakes and Challenging Art Forgers with High Tech

Scott M. Haskins inspecting a 300 year old painting for previous restorations.

As an art conservator, I am asked once a week (or more) to technically examine artwork in the hopes of “authenticating” it. Most of these requests come from people that have already been through a lot of discussions with art experts or institutions that they consider were not “helpful.” In fact, most people hit a lot of dead ends from people not taking them seriously. This article will explain some of that dilemma. I mean if your life, as a mild mannered scholar, were threatened would you be available to the public?

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Smoke Damaged Collectible Restoration Cave Fire Santa Barbara

While some structures will be directly affected by the heat and flames, many more are affected by the smoke and ask. If you have smoke damaged contents, do you want the same company who cleans your drapes and sofa to take a mop to your heirlooms, art collection and antiques? Check out this short educational video in this article.

You need help settling the claim for smoke damaged art, antiques and collectibles restoration after a house fire or wildfires. We have done evaluations and written proposals for disaster response companies and insurance claim adjusters for many hundreds of homeowners just during the last couple of years. 

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Recent Visits To Mural Restoration and Preservation Projects

Join Art Conservator, Scott M. Haskins as he visits several special mural conservation consultation public art projects that he worked on over the last few weeks. 

Here are some other walk through visits of interesting artsy historical preservation and restoration projects:

And, I’d bet good money that you would like to be walking beside me as look over these super interesting behind the scene’s examples of historic preservation mural restoration projects. “Getting the Right Info for Mural Restoration Projects – The importance of quality expert consultation” Continue reading

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The Great California ShakeOut Risk Management for Business Art Collections


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Restoring Street Murals Back to Life Interview by Julie Rose on BYURadio Top of Mind

Top of Mind
by Julie Rose
National Internet Radio

Interviewer, Julie Rose at BYURadio

Interview: Restoring Street Murals Back to Life
Guest: Scott Haskins, Director and Chief Conservator,
Fine Art Conservation Laboratories

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Can The Restoration of Contemporary Public Art Murals Ethically Include Repainting?

Is the repainting of a contemporary mural

in the name of restoration ever acceptable?” 

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Orange County Art Conservation Pick Ups and Deliveries Interesting Art Stuff

Pratically, every week or so, I wind my way past downtown LA to Orange County where our lab enjoys a wide variety of professional art conservation activities. I started out my schedule today in South Laguna Beach at The Redfern Gallery where I delivered two completed art restoration projects and picked up a Swiss Alpine scene by Edgar Payne, done about 1920 that hasn’t seen the light of day for about 75 years. Click here for an interesting time-lapse video cleaning of a very similar Edgar Payne. Also, while at Redfern’s, unframing and examining a sweet portrait of a young girl gave us a couple of surprises… see the short video below:

Then, I made my way through the heavily infested area of downtown Laguna Beach where hordes of tourists on foot bring never ending automobile traffic to a standstill. I finally made it up the coast through to the next beach towns of Corona Del Mar, Costa Mesa and Newport Beach where I picked up a respectable pizza to go at Settebello Pizzeria Napoletana (una quattro stagione) while on my way to meet a private collector in Huntington Beach.

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Santa Barbara Art Expert Restores Historic Mammoth Mural AIDS Painting Near Hollywood Bowl In Los Angeles

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Treasured Collectibles in a Pile of Stuff… Las Vegas, Art Restoration Testimonial

Busted up Early American Art Busted up Early American Art

I couldn’t believe the valuable collectibles I found in a pile of stuff a couple of weeks ago! I was amazed!! Besides the unexpected treasures, I also found neglect and bad judgment of packers and shippers had damaged some really valuable works of art… obviously completely avoidable. All it takes to avoid this heartbreak is being careful and doing “it” right… something to watch out for if you are hiring, moving, storing collectibles etc. Check out the short art restoration testimonial from Las Vegas collector at the end if you are thinking you need help with something.

So, when I saw this, I just shook my head in disbelief. I was amazed and jazzed to paw through the pile…

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