Fine art conservation and restoration is a necessary part of the professional services within the art field. Many fields of interest require professional art conservation services which include: large and (very) small museums, art collectors, government collections and public art maintenance, auction houses, historical societies, corporate collections… and the world of private people who inherit wonderful possessions from the past.

But there are other surprising “issues” that art conservators get dragged into: legal testimony for probate, legal testimony for public art conflicts, authentication questions and efforts, legal testimony for insurance matters, work with insurance companies on disaster planning and mitigation, designing emergency preparedness plans for collections, accompanying high value items to new locations for exhibitions, acquisition consulting for private and public institutions, consultant for architects working in historic preservation, planning and guiding preservation measures for historic sites undergoing renovation, consultation on lighting issues, consultation on shipping issues, consultation on storage issues, art history research, consulting on art related issues for the media… and much more.

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