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Moldy Painting Restoration and other Disaster Response Services in Las Vegas

Discover essential tips for safeguarding your art and heirlooms from rain and flooding in Las Vegas. With the recent floods causing extensive damage, it’s crucial to take proactive measures to protect your cherished possessions. Learn how to relocate your items to a secure spot, shield them with plastic sheeting, and avoid common mistakes when dealing with water-damaged pieces. Explore the benefits of professional insurance and get insights from Fine Art Conservation Laboratories. Contact them at (805) 666-3415 for expert guidance. Continue reading

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Rainy March in SoCal – Water Damaged Collectibles?

This article has been syndicated at To see what syndication means form you, see end of article: We’ve had some water in SoCal lately… the basin of our fountain was bone-dry-empty 2 weeks ago and now the 14″ basin … Continue reading

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