Daughters Of Utah Pioneers International Museum- Mormon Art

I’m working this week at the Daughters Of Utah Pioneers International Museum in Salt Lake City on two large paintings on canvas. Sometimes because of the size of the paintings, I go work on location.

International Pioneer Museum

Daughter of Utah Pioneers in Salt Lake City

I’ve been received very warmly and hospitably. Its been really wonderful to get to know everyone. I started doing work for this really fantastic museum back in 1980 but when I moved out of Utah in 1984 and the administration of the museum turned over, I lost contact. This is my first project, working again with this organization of which I am so enthusiastic. The museum has an extraordinary collection of early Americana and Pioneer art and artifacts.

Today, I’ll be doing art conservation treatments on the hugely important and historical full sized portrait of Brigham Young, painted about 1843 in Nauvoo, Illinois a couple of years prior to the Mormon exodus West.

Brigham young full sized portrait

Brigham Young about 1843

Actually, this is the second time I’ve worked on this portrait. Back in about 1980 I did the major art conservation work on it. But a few years ago during a renovation, there was a mishap with the contractors and smoke and dust spewed out in the room with this painting and its covered with a layer of black dust and grime. So, today, I will be cleaning a painting and revarnishing.

It looks like the work at the museum will be a long term relationship. I’ll be setting up a blog with great articles and videos so you can stay in touch with the wonderful historical paintings that we will be doing art conservation and restoration on and other very interesting news from this very cool organization. Its a delightful and fun time capsule into the past walking through their exhibitions.

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