Twitchell’s Mural Jim Morphesis Monument Is First Mural To Be Adopted and Cleaned

Jim Morphesis Monument under Temple St. Overpass in LA

Jim Morphesis Monument on the 101 freeway in downtown Los Angeles

Kent Twitchell painted the mural “Jim Morphesis Monument” under the 101 freeway overpass of Hope St. It is part of a two piece mural diptych called “7th Street Altarpiece”, the other mural being that of Lita Albuquerque. And “7th Street Altarpiece” is part of the 1984 Olympics murals series that adorned our freeways with 12 murals by living masters. Since their placement on the freeways, however, vandalism has saddened millions of Los Angelinos and visitors.

There have been several attempts over the years to restore “Jim Morphesis Monument” and the other murals but efforts have always fallen short. WHY? Click HERE to be linked to the page with the video… very interesting!

Well, The Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles (MCLA) to the rescue and there has been great progress! This first mural is on the list to benefit from the new partnerships.

Kent Twitchell assisted in testing the cleaning of Jim Morphesis Monument.

Kent Twitchell in front of the heavily tagged Jim Morphesis Monument

Several cleaning processes were evaluated and a combination specifically customized to meet the needs of this particular mural looks like the right method to get the job done safely for the mural. Here’s a great photographic shot of the graffiti peeling off the original mural and allowing the gorgeous original colors to come screaming into the day light once again. Kent Twitchell was blown-away-happy by the successful results of these cleaning tests. So, you are getting the latest news scoop!

Removing graffit

Graffiti removal from mural by Kent Twitchell

Want to see FACL, Inc. and Scott M. Haskins in action? Want to see the processes? Want to see and know the inside scoop on this super cool high profile job that millions will be seeing? Click HERE to be linked to the page with the video… very interesting!

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Mural conservation and art conservation questions? Call Scott M. Haskins 805 564 3438

The Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles: Executive Director, Isabel Rojas-Williams 213 291 6900

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Here is the link to MCLA’s membership/donation page:

About Scott M. Haskins

Scott Haskins has been in professional art conservation since 1975, specializing in the conservation/restoration of easel paintings, murals and art on paper. FACL, Inc. is known nationally for doing A+ work no matter the size or difficulty of the project. We are happy to do a quick cleaning on a family heirloom. Our client list and resume is also full of very satisfied clients of large, difficult/complicated projects at remote locations. Excellent services are also available as an Expert Witness/Legal Testimony in art related matters. Consultation on art related projects occur regularly including extensive insurance evaluations for insured or insurer. Services are offered worldwide. Scott M. Haskins is also author of the "Save Your Stuff" series, educational information, materials and supplies to help people protect and save their treasured family heirlooms and collectibles at home and office. He can be reached at 805 564 3438. Video and written testimonials at
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  1. Esther Madson says:

    Love this mural and it makes me sad to see it covered in graffiti. Keep up the good work.

  2. dich vu dang tin says:

    I would like to say that this write-up was really interesting! As I drive by these murals everyday, I never thought about what it takes to preserve and keep them looking good. Obviously, from the people that have clicked on your “Like” button, lots of people like these freeway murals, as I do. Thank you, very great article and I loved the video.

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