Sonya Rapoport Post War Expressionist Painting, Thought To Be Ruined, Saved, Picked Up in Carmel, CA and Awaiting Painting Conservation

FACL, Inc. has many clients in the Carmel, CA area including the cities of Carmel and Monterey, The Monterey Museum of Art, The Monterey Maritime Museum and numerous galleries in Carmel. Some of those galleries include Trotter Galleries, Karges Fine Art, Del Monte Fine Art, Westbrook Galleries, Josh Hardy Galleries, Carmel Fine Arts, Jim Rieser Gallery, Portnoy Gallery, Winfied Gallery and David Keaton, though not an established gallery sells out of his home. All of these dealers are specialized in either early California Impressionist Art or Post Wax Abstract Expressionism. We also do work for many private clients including a huge mural job in the stone castle on Pescadero Point known as the historical Clark Estate. Here’s a photo from our work in this highly inaccessible property. I’m getting ready to put together a page on this website dedicated to telling about the very interesting project.

Dining Room at Clark Estate

This was a trip to work with and talk mostly about Post War Expressionism which I always enjoy. Looking at abstract art is kind of like learning to speak another language. There’s a different vibe. I’m in the middle of going through the new biography on Steve Jobs and in it the author talks about Steve’s immersion into the counter culture of the 60’s and 70’s. Post War Expressionism is the intellectual and serious art of that historic international movement. Here is a new/old painting that was just salvaged from distruction. It was thought to be ruined! Not Hardly! Its by Sonya Rapoport and is dated 1954. She was part of the internationally important Berkley School of abstraction.

Sonya Rapoport 1954 Abstract

This painting is approximately 28 x 36, oil on canvas. We will consolidate flaking paint, do minimal inpainting, line it and put it onto new stretcher bars. We will stop the deterioration and stabilize it far into the future. It will look fresh, clean and beautiful for generations to come. Come and see us at the LA Art Expo this next week. I’ll probably have the Rapoport there for you to look at.

It was a gorgeous day in Carmel. What a nice drive… beautiful place, talking art, preserving the past… somebody’s got to do it…

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  1. Gail Novec says:

    I love this art of abstraction in the 50’s and 60’s. Its the art of the cultural revolution: end of VietNam War, rock and roll, civil rights, drugs (even though I hate them), more transparency in the press and government… or at least the change of direction from the previous generation. Abstract Expressionism is the intellectual art that illustrates the movement. Man, it’s historical art!

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