Kent Twitchell’s Mural-Monument to the LA Chamber Orchestra News Article

The Harbor Freeway Mural

Coming from the south northward on the 110 Freeway in downtown LA

This is a very nice article in today’s LA Times about the 20th anniversary of Kent Twitchell’s Monument to the LA Chamber Orchestra. What a fantastic visual treat it is as you come up the 110 Freeway from the south into downtown Los Angeles. In a day when printed posters for movies are the size of a building, it kind of blows you away to think of a hand painted mural that is 10 stories high. The mural eventually took on the title, The Harbor Freeway Overture.
Kent and I have been talking about doing some maintenance on the mural but this mural is not part of the 1984 Olympic Freeway Murals, which are the focus of the Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles’ efforts for restoration/conservation/preservation.
Shortly after you pass the Monument to the LA Chamber Orchestra,while you are still downtown, you will see Judy Baca’s great mural on the right side of the freeway under the 4th Street overpass sadly covered with graffiti. A short distance ahead on the left you will see Alonzo Davis’ mural, also vandalized. These two murals are slated for graffiti removal and art conservation just as was done for the Jim Morphesis Monument mural on the 101 freeway (
The reason the Monument to the LA Chamber Orchestra has looked good all these years and has not been tagged is that it is out of reach, thankfully. Congratulations to Kent Twitchell and the LA Chamber Orchestra for the 20th Anniversary of this incredible, world class quality mural, truely a gift to the City of Los Angeles and all who live and work here.

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