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PBS Program on Rare Historic Oil Paintings of Spanish Missions of CA that Survived Horrific Circumstances, Painting Restoration Riverside at Mission Inn

The PBS program “Uncovered in the Archives” Producer called me a month or so ago all excited about something he considered to be super-interesting and important to report on: he heard there was a collection of 19thcentury paintings of the 21 missions of California by the early California artist Henry Chapman Ford that had almost been destroyed several times and were of National Treasure type of importance. He asked me if I knew anything about them.

(The 27 minute TV program video is at the end of this article.)

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Art Restoration Services, San Diego

This last week I was in San Diego, CA visiting clients and making new connections in the painting conservation profession and for the first time decided to stay at a downtown Marriott Hotel. Downtown is quite the urban cement jungle with lots of tall buildings and the noise of dealing with that jungle and airport in close proximity. I remember growing up in LA, we’d go to the SD area beaches often to surf and there were about 1/2 million people. Now there are over 1.5 million in the city and 3.5 million in SD County. That’s a lot of growth to deal with. I think all of SOCal has had that growth to deal with in the respective  infrastructures.

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Art Conservation Cleaning of Artwork With Saliva Wins Chemistry Harvard’s Ig Nobel Prize

Painting restoration and cleaning artwork is the subject of what we suspect is humor from Harvard. The award was reported in “Chemistry World” which has been given out since 1991 called the “Ig® Nobel Prize”, “For achievements that first make people LAUGH then make them THINK”

This year’s chemistry Ig Nobel prize has been awarded for showing that human saliva is a good cleaning agent for paintings and historical artifacts. Its not really a traffic stopping discovery… its been part of the restoration processes, probably, for millennia.

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“This guy has an art restoration company with an entrepreneurial spirit” Tom Antion interviews Scott M. Haskins

Tom Antion, one of the most successful Internet marketers in the world interviews Scott M. Haskins, Entrepreneur, Fine Art Conservator (an internationally renowned painting restoration firm that provides a variety of professional services on artwork and murals, including disaster response for art related items damaged in hurricanes, floods and fires) and Author of the Save Your Stuff Series, of which over 10,000 copies have been distributed to help people save their valuable stuff like collectibles, artwork, family keepsakes, etc at home. We’re up close and personal with Scott in this episode of Screw the Commute podcast.

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Renown Painting Restorer from Madrid, Spain Julia Betancor Collaborates In Our Lab

After a meeting at the national annual conference for the American Institute for Conservation (AIC) in Chicago and a visit in Madrid and Toledo, Spain, renown painting conservator Julia Betancor was invited to come to our lab in Santa Barbara, CA to collaborate on several projects. Of interest to her were our organization and services for responding to the disasters for the preservation, cleaning of art related items. She has been previously involved with such projects in Toledo and Madrid. Here is a quick video about one of her projects:

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Fine Art Conservator, Scott M. Haskins, interviewed on Santa Barbara News Press Radio

Santa Barbara New Press Radio KZSB 1290 AM interviewed me this morning with veteran host and art appraiser Elizabeth Stewart on the “Art and Antiques Radio Program”

 Given the abundance of very destructive disasters in our area recently (two wildfires and the Montecito mudslide since last December) the focus of the program was preparing for disasters. Not a very sexy subject but it is compelling when you think about the items in a household that tell the family’s history and there are collectibles that could be worth more than the house.

Of course, none of the discussion was canned advice from a website. Personal stories were abundant, and it was a lively and fun interview, not drab or philosophical at all as you might expect with Elizabeth who is really fun in real life.

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Beautiful Underwater Mural Cleaned and Coated For Protection And Preservation

Octopus and sharks in art… This is a mural that Fine Art Conservation Laboratoriescleaned and coated for protection for long term preservation in Santa Monica, California during the last couple of days. While this mural is not at risk for vandalism and graffiti, the varnishing will ensure much better long term condition

Questions? Call FACL, Inc. at 805 564 3438

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Amateur Art Restoration Ruins Artwork… Again!!!

U.S. & WORLD report

“Amateur restoration attempt ruins artwork,” ABC reports during Action News on July 1, 2018 as did dozens of other international news sources including U.S. & World Report

Their warning and coaching for you? “Recruiting an amateur to restore a treasured piece of artwork is probably not the best idea. So the art world and especially the art conservation profession should not be surprised that a 16th-century Spanish sculpture is now ruined.” As a short cut to proper and careful cleaning to bring back the original period appearance, someone painted over the Statue of Saint Jorge, changing its original colors in order to save some money… a total hack job… the destruction of history.

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Is Street Art Worth Saving? A Conundrum! International mastermind group debates mural and art conservation issues

Is Street Art Worth Saving? A Conundrum! International mastermind group debates mural and art conservation issues for contemporary art murals in public places

Scott M. HaskinsBy Scott M. Haskins, Art Conservator

 Trying to conserve, as a general idea, contemporary street art has an almost irritating “rub” for me: the artists don’t care.

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WPA mural experts say painted over school art was vandalism

Recognized as a national expert in mural conservation, CNN and the New Jersey Herald call Scott M. Haskins to review details (fact check) of the article and quote him…

National News

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