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Taking Off A Mural From A Wall – Removing Murals – Detaching Murals – Video

Piazzoni Murals before removal

Gae Aulenti's design for the New Asian Art Museum in San Francisco required the removal of 18 murals by Gottardo Piazzoni

Removing murals from a building is ethically a dicy subject: a mural is site specific… Meaning that historically, it belongs on the wall it was painted on. Its part of the architecture. Theoretically, its removal is ethically wrong from an art history, art conservation, purist point of view. There are, however, circumstances where removal of murals from its intended location is justified… or even heroic! Some of these include demolition of buildings (or parts of), unstable structures and other conditions that run contrary to the preservation of the art.

Even in questionable circumstances where the removal of the mural may not be justified… but it appears to be decided upon that the removal WILL take place (maybe for political reasons)… I am available to lend my expertise because I believe the best result for the artwork is more likely to happen with my help than without it.

I am often asked by contractors and architects what is involved and how much it will cost to remove a mural… over the phone, without even seeing the mural! My answer to this unanswerable question is this video.

This video is made for architects, project planners and general contractors planning jobs where murals may be involved. However, the information should be very interesting for anyone interested in the arts, historic preservation, art history.

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12 Responses to Taking Off A Mural From A Wall – Removing Murals – Detaching Murals – Video

  1. Scott M. Haskins says:

    Thanks Dennis. Call me anytime to chat.

  2. Dennis Geelong says:

    Thanks for this excellent information. As demolition experts, we are often involved with historic properties and could use more info and contact on this subject. I’ve got your info. Thanks

  3. Jamie Grace says:

    woow …Its just amazing ..

  4. Alison Wallers says:

    This information and video is invaluable. Thank you so much for sharing. I may get asked this question by my customers, and I can refer them to this website for more information. Thanks so much.
    Alison Wallers´s last [type] ..Facebook Promo

  5. Scott M. Haskins says:

    David, thanks for your comment. Of course we can discuss your client’s needs. Call me at 805 564 3438

  6. David Crown says:

    I have a client who needs a mural moved from one part of a Beaux Arts building to another. Winfield Gallery in Carmel said you are the mural expert. I can see by the video he was right! Can we discuss my questions?

  7. Josh McCreery says:

    Thanks for the video. During my MFA studies in art history we never talked about or saw this aspect of art, saving saving art or art conservation. Super interesting.

  8. Pat Kolppa says:

    Great info and very important for our evaluation for a subcontractor. We need a person like you that understands murals, working on a contraction project environment and is very professional. Thanks.
    Pat Kolppa´s last [type] ..1

  9. Scott M. Haskins says:

    Thanks Hans for your comment. I’ve been posting videos that show different aspects of working with paintings. For more entertaining videos see my YouTube channel at “bestartdoc” I’m in the process right now of showing how we repair HUGE rips in canvas paintings and we’ll be starting a graffiti removal project off of a famous mural this next week. I’ll be making a video about that too. So, stay in touch.
    All my best.

  10. Hans Lussenburg says:

    This video was extremely interesting. Recently they removed an E.J. Hughes Mural from the old Malaspina Hotel here in Nanaimo, BC. It took the conservator about one year to restore it to its previous glory. It had been walled off for many years. Your video helped me understand exactly what some of the things need to be considered and done to preserve or remove a mural. Thank you very much for taking the time to share your knowledge. I for one would love to see an online course taught on various aspects of conservation. Here’s hoping you’ll consider doing this.
    Best regards,

    Hans in Nanaimo, British Columbia

  11. Winfred Landry says:

    You’ve done a great job. I’m amazed at the expertise required and thanks for helping me to identify red flags that could really cost us. This vid should be required viewing for all contractors who work on historic properties… that is to say, watch this video… maybe several times like I did!

  12. Trevor Collins says:

    Thanks for this info which will be very useful as our firm considers historic preservation projects with murals. I’ve never heard of this info you’ve shown in this video. Amazing.

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