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Lining Large Paintings Highlighted by American Institute for the Conservation of historic and Artistic Works

An action photo of the lining process (art restoration treatment) of three 30′ paintings in this month’s header of the Facebook page of the AIC, highlighted the art conservation practice of Fine Art Conservation Laboratories. Independent art conservators are represented within AIC in an organization, Conservators in Private Practice (CIPP) and have businesses ranging from sole proprietorships to large companies, they provide support for clients such as artists, private collectors, galleries, corporations, museums, universities, and governmental agencies.

Lining Buck Winn AIC

September’s cover image features AIC Professional Associate Scott Haskins (left) of Fine Art Conservation Laboratories, Inc., who is also a former chair (for 6 years) of the CIPP specialty group. In the image, conservation professionals are lining three sections of the the previously detached 280′ long mural by Buck Winn, “The History of Ranching in Texas”. The murals are in the collection of the Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas.

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Seville Golden Age of Spanish Painting at the Museum of Fine Arts

By  Scott M. Haskins, Fine Art Conservator

I invite you to come along with me on a recent trip to Seville, Spain. On this trip I was hoping to see and expecting to see the exquisite paintings of the Spanish Golden Age of Painting (1500’s and 1600’s and even the 1700’s)… rooted in Sevilla. Infact, it could be called the Seville Golden Age of Painting because so many of the artists were from that city.

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Expert Historic Preservation Consultant On Extra-Ordinary Baroque Murals Hidden Away in Northern Italy

The magical art of illusion and perspective.

Restoration of historic murals of masterpiece quality.

Garda Lake has been a highly appreciated resort area since Roman times. On one side of the lake is Brescia and the other side is Verona, both centers of culture, cuisine, viticulture, tourism… and “ the good life.” The region around Garda Lake is one of the most varied and colorful cultural destinations in Europe for the highest quality artistic and cultural traditions, its natural resources and environment and its incomparable culinary traditions. The cultural traditions and heritage, music, cuisine and food products from this area of Italy are loved by all countries and have an international market.

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Rip Repair and Saving Historical Painting of Bishop Ranch Santa Barbara (Goleta) by Henry Chapman Ford

Historic Oil Painting from 1875 of Bishop Ranch- Glen Annie in Goleta, CA by Henry Chapman Ford saved from destruction

Scott M. Haskins, Painting Conservator

Bishop Ranch Glen Annie 1875 Santa Barbara 

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Public Art Protection Varnishing Murals and Oil Paintings for Future Maintenance

One of two 18' ft murals in the gallery

One of two 18′ ft murals in the gallery

A common concern for public art on display is protection against accidents, even vandalism, and to find a way to make the often valuable artwork safe for maintenance. Seismic safety, especially along the Wasatch Front in Utah, both for the artwork and the public was also a concern on the mind of the curator of the Education in Zion Gallery at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, Heather Seferovich.

These concerns are important to address whether the art is new or historical. She consulted with Harold B. Lee Library Head of Conservation, Chris McAfee about the best way to proceed. For these purposes, the gallery hired veteran painting conservation expert, Scott M. Haskins (from Fine Art Conservation Laboratories in Santa Barbara, CA) who also provides art conservation services for the History Dept of the LDS Church in Salt Lake City, UT.

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The Preservation Idaho Award

The State of Idaho named Fine Art Conservation Laboratories (FACL, Inc.) in its award of the Orchid and Onion Award from The Idaho Historic Preservation Council for the mural conservation treatments of the two Minerva Teichert murals in the extensive renovation of the LDS Tabernacle in Montpelier, Idaho in 2015.

The murals were removed from the building in order for them to not be damaged from the extensive demolition that was to take place. During their removal, considerable mold behind the canvases of the murals was discovered.

The murals received the mural restoration treatments at FACL’s facilities and then were reinstalled after all other renovation work was completed. Click here for a blog post with a short video about that work.

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Mural Restoration Expert Appointed by the City of Los Angeles

Public Art Division –

City of Los Angeles Art Collection Appoints

Fine Art Conservation Laboratories

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Professional Associate of AIC (American Institute for the Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works)


In Chicago at the Hyatt Regency for the AIC meeting 2017

In Chicago at the Hyatt Regency for the AIC meeting 2017

I’ve just arrived in Chicago for the week of the 2017 annual meeting of the American Institute for the Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (AIC). See the video Art Walk-About tour from this visit to Chicago at the end of this page. I’ve been a participating, active member since 1978. I’m responsible for the sub-group meeting of the art conservators in private practice.

As a member of AIC, my private painting conservation business supports and practices the professional Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice as we protect, preserve and restore paintings and other fine art.

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Art Conservation Painting Restoration Client Testimonials from Orange County, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City

Nothing is as powerful as a spontaneous testimonial from a satisfied client. But can you trust the word or opinion of another person? Perhaps they don’t know the difference between a stretcher bar and a strainer? But, WHAT IF you had LOTS OF TESTIMONIALS, from collectors, dealers, corporate collections, government officials, auction houses, appraisers, etc that all gave the same good report? Put them all together and would that give you the confidence to at least call and ask some questions?

You see, there’s more to choosing a painting conservator than knowing if they can match paint colors. What if he/she is an excellent craftsman but couldn’t organize there way out of a shoe box? Or what if they can’t manage cash flow in their business? Or what if they put people like you as their last priority?

How long would it take you to call 10,20, 30 people to ask for a referral? Do you have time? On this page are some video testimonials and more links for the answers you are looking for. After all, you just want some assurance before you make the call yourself to ask your own questions, right? Note in this video that there are customers from Los Angeles, Orange County, Santa Barbara, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City… all places we do on location estimates and evaluations and also offer pick up and delivery on a regular basis.

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Smoke Damage on Artwork – We work as a sub to disaster response companies

Liability during clean up is a big issue with smoke damage on paintings and other artwork-collectible objects. I mean, we are specialized in treating paintings and all our professional art restoration services center around doing this correctly. How can an unprofessional person, hitting things with a sponge, do the same kind of quality work? Here’s an example:

We are located in sunny Southern California and even on this winter day, it was close to 70 degrees. When AIG insurance company and Elite-Restoration Inc. (disaster response company) agreed to fly me to Sun Valley, Idaho to inspect and estimate 40-60 smoke damaged items… I was unprepared psychologically for the -10 degree temperature when I walked out of my hotel in the morning. But traveling to help people get the right quality professional help is part our business.Scott M. Haskins consulting on smoke damage artwork in Ketchum, Idaho

For the on-site inspection I used the inventory (with a photo) that Elite-Restoration already had in hand and added to it my observations. When we opened up the storage facility, it stunk to high heaven! I reviewed each of the 40 framed items suggesting the ways that the smell could be permanently eliminated. Also of interest to the owners was a list of “pre-existing conditions” that could be worked on while they were being cleaned but for which AIG would not be responsible for paying but would help to “dial-in” the items to their best condition.

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