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Beautiful Underwater Mural Cleaned and Coated For Protection And Preservation

Octopus and sharks in art… This is a mural that Fine Art Conservation Laboratoriescleaned and coated for protection for long term preservation in Santa Monica, California during the last couple of days. While this mural is not at risk for vandalism and graffiti, the varnishing will ensure much better long term condition

Questions? Call FACL, Inc. at 805 564 3438

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Amateur Art Restoration Ruins Artwork… Again!!!

U.S. & WORLD report

“Amateur restoration attempt ruins artwork,” ABC reports during Action News on July 1, 2018 as did dozens of other international news sources including U.S. & World Report

Their warning and coaching for you? “Recruiting an amateur to restore a treasured piece of artwork is probably not the best idea. So the art world and especially the art conservation profession should not be surprised that a 16th-century Spanish sculpture is now ruined.” As a short cut to proper and careful cleaning to bring back the original period appearance, someone painted over the Statue of Saint Jorge, changing its original colors in order to save some money… a total hack job… the destruction of history.

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Is Street Art Worth Saving? A Conundrum! International mastermind group debates mural and art conservation issues

Is Street Art Worth Saving? A Conundrum! International mastermind group debates mural and art conservation issues for contemporary art murals in public places

Scott M. HaskinsBy Scott M. Haskins, Art Conservator

 Trying to conserve, as a general idea, contemporary street art has an almost irritating “rub” for me: the artists don’t care.

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WPA mural experts say painted over school art was vandalism

Recognized as a national expert in mural conservation, CNN and the New Jersey Herald call Scott M. Haskins to review details (fact check) of the article and quote him…

National News

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Masterclass of Conservation Issues for Contemporary Art Murals in Public Places

A legal mural approved by the city.

Murals by living artists in public venues are mostly located throughout city locations accessible by the public. The international problems with their protection, preservation and restoration are common issues confronted by specialized art conservation professionals hired by city governments, historical organizations and corporations. The quality of the artwork varies from illegal spray-can-paste-up street art that morphs out of the graffiti sub-culture to fine artists with formal training and techniques that create community pride-of-ownership monuments and landmarks.

Spray cans in illegal tagging and mural location

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Gorgeous Gilded Age Society Painting Dented by Freak Accident  –  Art Restoration Due Diligence Tips for Art Collectors

This article and video entertains you with a story about surprising impact damage on 19th century paintings of high society fashion with some tips on condition from an art conservator. See several paintings of gorgeous women in The Gilded Age Society, paintings by the French-Italian Master Artist Frederic Soulacroix.

This short video about a painting of a pretty lady in a gorgeous pink dress during the Gilded Age Society and the reason she was in our lab will surprise you! But it was the freak accident that occurred… which happened to TWO paintings, unrelated, of gorgeous ladies in pink dresses… that surprised US!

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Saving and Preserving Collectibles, Heirlooms and Memorabilia from Montecito’s Mudslides of Interest to the New York Times

The New York Time’s Visit to Santa Barbara and Their Interest In The Story of Saving and Preserving Collectibles and Heirlooms from Montecito’s Mudslides

by Phillip Justice, Guest Blogger


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Varnishing a Mural – Antigraffiti Measures- Protecting Public Art Testimonial

This educational article is of value to artists planning to paint a mural in a public location. It is also invaluable for public offices and departments planning to place public art. Fine Art Conservation Laboratories (FACL, Inc.) has a 3 year contract with the Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs to consult, advise and offer art/painting/mural conservation services. See other background materials in the navigation bar of this webpage. We are available to discuss with you your projects. See contact info at the end of this article.

Protecting murals from graffiti is an essential part of the pre-planning of a new mural in a public place. Even if the mural seems out of the way or out of reach, vandals find ways of shooting the paint. The graffiti on this mural goes up about 20 feet.

Before we can discuss the types of protective varnish to use, you need to understand the premise for choice. In the professional mural conservation field, when asked how long should art last, we think in terms of “generations.” Murals are part of a community’s heritage, part of the architecture, part of a community’s vibe and culture. They are not just a decoration.

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Valuable Exquisite 150 Year Old Painting Destroyed by Careless Handling and Shipping

Wonderful detail of a jewel-like valuable painting… extensively damaged because of stupidity.

Damage to artwork from careless handling, lousy packing and then shipping is completely avoidable… and you’d think that an exquisitely painted, $75,000.00 valued oil painting would automatically be treasured and cared for!

This extensive damage which resulted from lack of care had to NOT be a surprise to the owner as previous flaking, painting restoration and probably active, continued flaking were undoubtedly evident. But, now, the damage and losses are catastrophic.

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Painting Restoration Testimonial from Salt Lake City of an Historic Portrait of George Washington

Painted about 1800

This is something we see all the time in our painting conservation laboratory; someone accidentally pokes the 19th century painting on canvas with very little effort and causes a hole or rip. Sometimes its amazing how fragile these paintings are.

Oil paintings on canvas from the 1800’s are very brittle… more brittle that any other period of art. This is because the additives into the fabric in order for them to be produced by industrial looms accelerates the deterioration by acids. I have in the lab canvas that is 200 years older that is 10 times stronger because it was made without the additives for mass production.

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