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Mural Restoration Expert Consultation

FACL travels nationally to discuss and undertake mural conservation projects. Here’s a testimonial from a small project in Western Texas

For our mural capability statement:

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Professional Art Restoration Painting Conservation Door to Door Service

“Consultation at home or office at no charge?!?!”

“You pick up and deliver?”

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Cowboy Rodeo WPA Mural To Be Removed Conservation Consultation and Restoration in Lamesa Texas

While I enjoy the high profile jobs with important or even famous artwork I LOVE to work with small communities to save their public art. This art is often very important to the locals… maybe the only historical art in the community. Such was the case in the town of Lamesa Texas that has an old post office that is slated for demolition.

I’m often asked, over the phone or by email, “How much does it cost to remove a mural from a wall.” Well, we may be experts but giving an estimate a 1000 miles away from the project, sight unseen is beyond the magic that we like to perform. Perhaps they ask me for this quote because they think its a construction type bid that has a standardized catalog of hours and costs per square foot much like putting up wall board or running electrical wires. Not so.

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Authentic WPA Mural of “Old West” Art Conservation Consultation and Project Planning

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In South Central Utah among the red earth table top landscape filled with dinosaur bones, there is an old coal mining town with a surprisingly good quality WPA mural.

dinosaur skeleton in Price Utah

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Travel with me to see hidden and secret places!!

Have you ever thought about how art conservation and especially painting restoration of old works of art help us to look back in history? Think about how much info we get about old architecture long lost, old and ancient clothes and fashion,? I love the message of the movie, Monuments Men!! Do you love art, history, old movies, travel, vintage collectibles and antiques, old-classical-European architecture? You will LOVE the short behind-the-scenes videos embedded this article!

As a professional art-painting conservator, Oh! The places I go (and the people I meet)… that sounds like the title of a Dr. Seuss book… but its the truth. In fact, I even have Italian friends (from Italy!) that say they want to tour Italy with me and see and go where I go. So… I’m about to share a very interesting trip with you and show you some places you can’t get into, behind the scenes, to see wonderful art you may never see.

In order to “set up” the second video for you, let me show you a short video, first, about an art exhibition that was open to the public. People that connect with me though Facebook and my blog seemed to like this video a lot. This art exhibition was in Rome and was about some of the most famous Venetian Baroque painting artists:

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Meeting with Our Art Conservation Colleague In Barcelona, Spain


Nuria Pique, painting restorer for Museu Frederic Mares

Nuria Pique standing in front of Museu Frederic Mares for which she provides art conservation services and, in fact, did the painting restoration on the painting in the advertisement.


I’ve just had the pleasure of going to Barcelona, Spain to exchange a visit with our (FACL’s) recent visiting painting conservator, Mrs. Nuria Pique. At the end of last year we were fortunate to have Nuria work with us in our Santa Barbara lab to help us with our work load and to exchange art restoration techniques.

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Historic Murals Removed, Restored, Reinstalled – Minerva Teichert

The first mural ever that I did art conservation treatments on was in my graduate program in Italy. The first week of school I was put onto scaffolding and sat down in front of a mural dated 1365 on a wall of a monastery built about the year 900. I sat next to Paolo Bacchin, a legend in international art conservation circles for work he had done for UNESCO on murals in temples in the jungles of Burma (now Myanmar). He was my instructor and introduced me to mural conservation.

Since that time, I have had mural restoration projects come to my labs from all over the United States, even internationally. Some of the projects have been high profile and others, like this project, were highly meaningful for a small rural community.

I happen to love Minerva Teichert’s work for the boldness of the style but also for her unsurpassable spirit and faith. Its amazing how commercially valuable her art has become within the affluent Mormon community. (Search historic LDS art or historic Mormon art) Such that these two murals were appraised for more than the value of the entire building they are located in!

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Re-cleaning of 19th Century Salon Painting Gave Marvelous Results

Cleaning a painting is the most common question we get. But interestingly, it seems that 80% of the projects that enter our doors are paintings that have been worked on before and have been damaged or have fallen short of the right kind of job. Such is the case with this wonderful, engaging 19th century realistic painting of a pretty girl all tangled up with a couple of attitudinal parrots. It had been worked on twice! Though the painting is in good condition, the previous cleaning just did not get the job done and woefully left behind a layer of gray that has muted the potentially gorgeous glow of this wonderful Salon Painting.

FACL, Inc.

The artist is Emil Villa (French, 1836-1900), Une Querelle (or The Quarrel), oil on canvas, 32 x 44 in., 48 x 59 in. including frame (not original but gorgeous!).

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Badly Ripped Gorgeous Oil Painting by Colin Campbell Cooper Repaired

The people that did this had to not know that this painting in good condition was worth at least $75,000! I mean, who treat beautiful art like this? Well… maybe I should answer my own question as I HAVE GOT STORIES and true confessions! Well, anyway, here is the quick video of the painting’s resurrection and thankful return to it’s former glory…

Professional art restoration ethics and practice, painting conservation grade materials, art connoisseurship and expertise all contribute to the long term results of halting deterioration, stabilizing the trauma of damage, restoring the beauty and original nature of the artwork and ensuring the long term durability of the procedures.

So, do the art conservation treatments required for the repair of this painting add back the value to the damaged work of art? Is the money worth it or is it a good investment? All questions I hear often…

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Art Damaged Over and Over…

by Laura Kadi, Art Conservation Intern Laura Kadi Art Conservation Intern

When we think of accidents, we think of random, sudden events that occur at unexpected moments in our lives. Kids run around and carelessly knock into an expensive painting. A water pipe breaks, damaging all the homeowner’s hanging artwork. However, some accidents happen that, unfortunately, go unnoticed, for long periods of time. What could have just started as a small, fixable accident ends up creating more damage than it should have because it occurs where no one is paying attention.

This unfortunate incident happened to the owners of this painting below. The painting below was mostly water damaged, but also covered in thick layers of dust and grime. What happened to this painting was not the result of just one accident, but was the consequence of a build up of several damaging effects over a long period of time. Forgotten in storage somewhere, maybe water dripping from a pipe combined with humid temperatures and a dusty environment damaged this painting badly.

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