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Media Room

Scott M. Haskins

For a feature article in the Life Section of the Santa Barbara News-Press go to

Article on the art conservation of 21 paintings of the 19th century historic Missions of California by Edwin Deakin

Article in New York City about mural conservation is Los Angeles

For media articles go to

Media Coverage of Mural Conservation in City Hall of Cedar Rapids, Iowa

See Scott M. Haskins featured on CNBC season finale of Treasure Detectives

See Scott M. Haskins on Keeping Up With The Kardasians

Recognized as a national expert in mural conservation, CNN and the New Jersey Herald call Scott M. Haskins to review details (fact check) of the article and quote him…

For videos go to YouTube, Click here: bestartdoc

For Save Your Stuff media go to

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11 Responses to Media Room

  1. Kent Twitchell says:

    Great stuff Scott. Love it!

  2. Deborah Consoli says:

    This is so interesting!! This is why you are the best out there!! Not just your detective work, but also seeing your conservation work done on the finest of art works!!! Can’t wait to see more!!

  3. Frances Mercado says:

    Scott Haskins, I am so looking forward to seeing the results of your work on my painting. When all my inquiries pointed to you as the ONLY person to consider, I have no doubt I’ll be pleased with the result!

  4. Therese O'Gorman says:

    This is valuable information and it is important that the viewers contacts professionals in the field for more in dept information.

  5. Antonia Shifflett says:

    I loved Treasure Detectives this season. It was one of my favorite shows. So interesting! I’m jazzed to see this inside peak at your participation.

  6. Bob Steger says:

    Scott, you are the true professional. Thank you.

  7. Rita says:

    Awesome! So exciting!!!!

  8. Chris Medlin says:

    Loved the video clip and cool exposure. You deserve it! We love your work.

  9. Amparo says:

    I Agree with Eka Polam it’s a cool picture. And again thanks for the opportunity to post those comments here! 🙂 We will be using them in South Florida Art Conservation

  10. Eka@Pola Kristik says:

    nice picture 🙂

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