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What People Are Saying About FACL’s Expertise and Services

(Note variety of geographical locations)


What Don Francis Framing in Venice Beach Has To Say…


Here Is George Stern Fine Arts in West Hollywood, CA


Expert Witness Testimonial – Charles Bonner, Attorney in San Francisco, CA


“Scott, you may be the best conservator I know in the country. I have enjoyed working with you more than I can express.” Perry Huston, Past President American Institute From Conservation, Dallas, Texas

“This was a very politically charged project in the City of San Francisco for over 10 years. We needed someone beyond reproach that we could count on to “knock the ball out of the park.” That’s why we chose Scott Haskins and FACL. Mr. Al Albano, Consultant, Piazzoni Mural Project, Asian Art Museum, San Francisco.

Scott and his staff performed perfectly and did superb quality conservation work on this very delicate painting conservation project. His skills as Conservation Team Leader were superb and much appreciated. Dr. Carl Grim, Chief Conservator, De Young Museum

“Scott , The delivery and work was superb and we are very thankful for your excellent skills and for the return of a piece we love. “ Sincerely Michael and David, West Hollywood, CA

“Dear Scott & FACL, Inc. Staff, YOU ARE ALL THE BEST!!!! The painting looked GREAT and I’m happy. I look forward to working more with you! My very best,” Dennis Marchesi, Marchesi & Co., Desert Springs, CA

Mark Garrido, Project Manager for the General Contractor on the project posted the following on for Fine Art Conservation Laboratories (FACL, Inc.).

“Scott and his FACL staff of highly competent professional art conservators performed the critical salvage and restoration of a very valuable, irreplaceable historic mural in the main lobby of the Burbank, CA Police/Fire headquarters (as a sub to the general contractor for the City of Burbank). This restoration was a major component of a large water damage correction project that included replacement of the curtain wall system, stone flooring, planters and memorial monument in the middle of and surrounding the mural. Project scheduling was very tight and coordination critical and complex. Under Scott’s hands-on leadership, FACL’s restoration of the mural was flawless, their performance timely and seamless and their cooperation and team work exemplary. Without reservation, I give Scott and FACL my highest recommendation.”   Service Category: Art conservation. Year hired: 2009  Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

The conservation services, expertise and availability of FACL’s consultations have been of the highest quality and very important to our department (curatorial). In addition, we have greatly appreciated Scott’s willingness to speak at functions, put on workshops for our docents and be an active part of our professional services. We have also greatly appreciated FACL’s flexibility with our budget restraints!” Theresa Manalo, Curator, The Japanese American National Museum, Los Angeles, CA

“The Santa Barbara Museum of Art is so lucky to have a professional conservator of such quality and professionalism right in our own town. FACL is a great resource for us.” Dr. Robert Henning, Chief Curator

“Scott, you provided the exact services we needed and did a wonderful job (consulting on mold damage on art in a historic structure). Thank you so much for your help. We look forward to a good working relationship with FACL into the future.” Brent G. Thompson, Director Historical Department, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

“Thank you for the excellent service and over the top quality workmanship for the conservation of our damaged items. I appreciate your timely response and I am 100% pleased with the results and services provided by FACL.” Insurance claim by Lucinda Bliss, Insured with Chartis Insurance Co.(aka AIG)

“We would have been in big trouble and you made our navigation through the City (Dallas) and with the project’s architects streamlined and professional. Your quality services and reputation were cemented in our minds when we heard the inspector say they didn’t need to inspect your work for final quality – un heard of in our industry!” Tim Storms , Roberts-Obrien Construction, General Contractor

“Scott enabled our settlement to be acceptable to both the Dept. of Labor and the artist. His expertise and professionalism proved invaluable.” Steven Schwartz, attorney for Dept. of Labor, Public art suit.

“Thank you for spending some time with me last Friday afternoon. I very much appreciate your tour of the Fine Art Conservation Lab. I feel like I’ve discovered a new treasure! Thank you too, for the copy of your book. I am still shaking my head in wonder at having crossed paths with you (the author) in the aftermath of losing our home and contents in the Tea fire.” Jennifer Taylor, Director of Internships, Westmont College, Santa Barbara, CA

“Scott, you (FACL) met my expectations, which was a perfect job. My absolute confidence in your work was absolutely confirmed. Thanks so much.” Jay Friedman, Santa Barbara

After having worked with Scott Haskins on a collection conservation assessment survey, Wendy Adair, VP at Texas Southern University in Houston, TX stated, “That was the best money we ever spent. I can’t tell you how much we have enjoyed working with you!”

“We are singing your praises around Caltrans. What took 6 months to do during the previous restoration attempt, you have done in two weeks and the artwork looks better. Thank you for working so well with us (Caltrans) and Public Works.” Edward, Caltrans

Other Video Testimonials

Greg Colley, Collector, Dealer in Glendale, CA:


Jerry Solomon, Framer in Los Angeles, CA:


Property Owners, Mural Project, Los Angeles, CA:


Tom Suriya, Mural Artist, Santa Fe, NM:


Kent Twitchell, Mural Artist, Los Angeles, CA:


“We have trusted FACL in Santa Barbara since 2002 with all our work, especially with our most difficult restoration projects, knowing that the art conservation treatments will be done right the first time. They are expedient in turnaround, do excellent work and I always get great results. Besides the actual work on our gallery’s paintings, I depend on Scott Haskins for his unparalleled expertise in connoissuership and his high integrity and business ethics”  Wynne Benti, Coons Gallery, Bishop, CA

I just bought a Redmond that you worked on and it was so gorgeous and your work so wonderful that I bought it as soon as I saw it. Would you please email me a “condition report” for the repaired Redmond?  My insurance comp needs it to arrive at a value for my new policy. Thank you and I will be contacting you again soon! Bernard, Private Collector in Orange County, CA

“Scott and FACL, Inc. team: We, at MCLA are extremely grateful about the restoration of Jim Morphesis Monument! We know that the thousands who drive by this iconic mural everyday will be delighted to see Kent Twitchell’s mural returned to its original glory thanks to FACL’s great restoration job. We are also aware that this restoration is also a labor of love – MCLA’s, Kent Twitchell’s, FACL’s team, and Caltrans, as we all share a great love for the City of Los Angeles and its amazing murals! I am happy beyond words. You have done an amazing job!” Isabel Rojas-Williams, Executive Director, The Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles (MCLA)

Hey there!

I can’t tell you how happy I am with your work on the portrait. It is just killer! ( I’m a guy, so I hate using words like fabulous or breathtaking) I find myself walking into the living room at least a couple of times a day and just staring at it. I can’t thank you all enough for a job well done. Please let everyone at FACL all know.
All our best from here at the Reagan Library.

Meet several of our art dealer clients with whom we have worked since 1987. The venue for this video is the LA Art Show – a fun place to meet art!

Thumbtrack is a professional referral service and recommends FACL for art conservation and painting restoration services. Click here to see their site.

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18 Responses to Testimonials

  1. Scott M. Haskins says:

    Thanks Wayne, for leaving your nice comment. Best wishes, Scott

  2. Wayne Rivard says:

    Scott, I am a working artist and discovered an unusual anomaly in my recently finished painting. I asked around the local art supply stores, called a representative from a paint company, art store manager, and no one seemed to have any answers. I found your website on-line and called. You answered the call and provided some professional expertise on the spot. I am now in the process of “restoring” my own painting. Thank you very much. Sincerely, Wayne Rivard

  3. Mr. Dexter says:

    That testimonial page is very useful, thanks.
    Mr. Dexter´s last [type] ..Looking To Buy A Farming Land – Understand The Importance Of Conveyancing

  4. Alex says:

    Your testimonials blog summary is very useful…thanks for sharing it.

  5. Brock says:

    I appreciate your video testimonials which are really impressive.
    Brock´s last [type] ..How A Property Conveyancing Recruiting Company Can Help Your Career

  6. Mrs. June says:

    I enjoyed the videos and would/could make one also applauding the service and quality of FACL, Scott Haskins and his team. We would not go anywhere else for help. I appreciate especially the collecting tips Scott has shared saving us $10,000s.

  7. We have trusted FACL in Santa Barbara since 2002 with all our work, especially with our most difficult restoration projects, knowing that the art conservation treatments will be done right the first time.

  8. Bappy says:

    Wendy Adair told me she has the highest regard for Scott Haskins and his work. She has loved working with him.

  9. Julie Beck says:

    Thanks for these testimonials. They were helpful.

  10. Mark says:

    Nice testimonials. You sound like you know what you are doing.

  11. Samuel Machen says:

    I can “second” the testimonials on this page. I have had the pleasure of doing business with FACL several times and their work is always 1st class. But one thing that is also important to me, especially when I sell something, is that dealers and the auction houses recognize FACL’s label and know Scott Haskins and recognize the quality work. His reputation precedes him.
    Samuel Machen´s last [type] ..1

  12. Scott M. Haskins says:

    Thanks Megan for the posting. Its been a BIG project and one that I have been honored to be a part of. I have enjoyed working with your company and personnel very much.

  13. Megan Delacroix says:

    Scott’s been working with us in part as a conservator on our very large historic preservation project (we are Historic Preservation Designer architects) and partly as a consultant who helps us keep quality control on an artist whose new mural work must blend with the historic mural work. THANK GOODNESS for Scott and that he is on our project!!! Scott’s problem solving, his attention to construction timelines, his immediate response when we had a water main burst and his quality work were extremely important on this project. I don’t think the artist would have ever “dialed in” his work without Scott. I’ve enjoyed working with him immensely and I am thankful he was with us on this project.
    Megan Delacroix´s last [type] ..1

  14. Madison Kohen says:

    We have worked with Scott and his team on several projects and have loved working with him. We felt comfortable with his consultation and the other conservators are “on it” too.
    Madison Kohen´s last [type] ..1

  15. Janet Stevens says:

    Thanks for posting these. Very helpful.
    Janet Stevens´s last [type] ..1

  16. John Clark says:

    Kudos to Scott and rest of the FACL team for pulling off this extraordinary feat! They have with their tremendous skill and perseverance made the S.F residents proud.

  17. Scott M. Haskins says:

    Thanks for leaving the comment Dan. George Stern Fine Arts was in charge of a large estate of paintings by well known Otis Art Institute Director E. Roscoe Shrader. We at Fine Art Conservation Laboratories had the honor of doing the conservation work on 100′s of paintings. The show/exhibition/sale of the entire collection at George Stern Fine Arts and the resulting book was so successful that the exhibit was shown at the Laguna Art Museum. Here’s a quick video of the opening evening at the museum:

  18. Dan says:

    Wow, that was some awesome collection in “Here Is George Stern Fine Arts in West Hollywood, CA” Video. There were only 4 paintings shown and I would like to see more of your work at his gallery.

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