Art Conservation Training in Italy – A tribute to Laura Mora


During my years of acquiring a masters degree level education in art conservation of paintings (easle paintings and murals) at ENAIP in Italy (1975-1978) our Lombardy Province government sponsored program was in collaboration with the Istituto Centrale del Restauro (ICR), the Rome based Italian National art conservation lab. The various satellite centers to the head lab in Rome were overseen by ICR directors Laura and Paolo Mora (passed away in 1998). Laura’s passing in May of this year and the recent tribute in the Getty Conservation Institute Newsletter brought to mind those exciting days of my education.

I remember meeting with Mrs. Mora many times under her tutelage both theoretical and practical. She was always thorough, professional, available to teach and with a sense of humor. I remember her saying that “I love Paraloid B72 (an acrylic resin) so much that I’d put it on my breakfast toast.”

Knowing her extensive contribution to the professional field of art conservation, I feel lucky to have known her and I appreciate greatly her contribution to our field.

Scott M. Haskins

Tributo a Laura Mora

Nel mio periodo all”ENAIP (1975-1978) il nostro programma era organizzato con la collaborazione del Istituto Centrale del Restauro (ICR) a Roma sotto la sorveglianza di Laura (e Paolo) Mora. Con la mancanza della Signora Mora quest’anno in maggio (Paolo e’ venuto a mancare nel 1998) e il tributo del Getty Conservation Institute (GCI) nell’ultimo Newsletter, mi sta venendo in mente le tante visite che abbiamo fatto a ICR per partecipare nella tutela della Signora Mora. Era sempre professionale ma con un senso di umorismo. Mi ricordo che mi ha espresso, “Mi piace cosi’ tanto il Paraloid B72 che lo metterei sul pane tostato di prima colazione.” Apprezzo molto il suo contributo alla nostra professione e la sua accoglienza in quei anni.

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  1. Jeremy Norris says:

    It must be great to learn from one of the best. I am happy for you that you were able to remember your time under her and what you have learned. Other art restoration professionals would be lucky to have that chance.

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