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Click on this link to see a short video lab tour. FACL specializes in the preservation and restoration of paintings on canvas and board, on murals and we do limited art conservation work with art on paper. For particular problems with your paintings, see the links at the end of this article…

Scott M. Haskins is Head of Conservation and a painting restorer working professionally since 1975. Trained and having worked in Italy he returned to the US (Rocky Mountains) in 1979 for a stint before settling in Santa Barbara at the beginning of 1984 (thankful to leave a very harsh winter!). Since clients have been willing to work with our lab on a long distance basis, our lab provides professional painting conservation services over a wide geographical region. Testimonials from far and wide talk about our excellent working relationships.

Our three painting conservators work together as a team to ensure objective thinking and problem solving, quality control and a timely schedule. We are all members of the American Institute for Art Conservation and embrace the professional Standards of Practice and ethics guidelines. Together with Scott M. Haskins…

Oriana Montemurro is an Italian trained art conservator from Turin, Italy who has worked with FACL since 2002.

Virginia Panizzon has been working at FACL since she was 8 years old (she is Scott’s 38 year old daughter). In addition to the apprenticeship process she has gone through, she worked in Italy for 2 years on a professional art conservation exchange and has taken advanced professional training courses in structural work on paintings and for advanced inpainting techniques.

Contact info:
Scott M. Haskins, Head of Conservation  
805 564 3438

If you would like to know more about what you can do to protect and preserve your original family history items, collectibles and memorabilia click on this link for a free copy of Scott M. Haskins book Save Your Stuff – Collection Care Tips, 210 pages with 35 embedded how-to videos.

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Often Asked Questions

How much does it cost to clean a painting? Because paintings are made with different techniques, many artist’s experimented, age makes a difference, previous restorations complicate issues… cleaning is not a per square inch type of estimating process. We routinely clean a 24″ x 30″ painting for about $300.00 but we have charged as much as $10,000 for a very complicated project. We had the 40 Missions of California by Henry Chapman Ford (painted between 1874 – 1886) in our lab and every one was cleaned differently. A small test is needed to help determine the time required and the potential benefits from cleaning. We do not charge for these types of tests.

Can you authenticate a painting? We are well known for our “entry level” analytical tests that we perform. These tests include inspection with a stereo binocular microscope, pigment analysis with a polarizing microscope, use of ultraviolet visible fluorescence, use of an infrared reflectometer, use of x-radiography. We identify fake signatures often, identify improper restorations, and many other such problems. But we do not affirm the authorship of artwork. This type of work is done involving scholarship and research. Also, more sophisticated analysis is not done in our lab. We charge $200 per hour for in lab work PLUS additional fees for equipment usage.

Do you appraise art? It is unethical for a professional art conservation business to make statements of value of artwork because of the many ways there can be a conflict of interest. Stating the value of an item so that the favorable decision will be made to undertake the conservation costs is considered unethical. In fact it is common all over the world for dealers and art restorers to low-ball the value of an item brought in for restoration in order to buy it. Then they fix it up and resell it to the disadvantage of the previous owner: quite a racquet. We refer all interested people in appraisals to an independent certified appraiser with whom we collaborate to affirm condition and authenticity details and aid in the appraisal process and research.

Bullet Hole in Portrait of Grandma

Portrait of Grandma with Bullet Hole (We can fix this…)

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30 Responses to Painting Restoration, Art Restoration, Art Conservation, Painting Conservation located in Santa Barbara for the Central Coast and Thousand Oaks Areas

  1. Sally Lucey says:

    I have an approximately 11 X 8 painting with a white spot on the forehead of the child in the painting. Is this something you could fix and if so, how much would it be?

  2. Joanne ORoark says:

    Need to have some minor scratches repaired on an oil-on-board painting.
    Do you charge as to complexity of the job, by the hour, or how?
    The scratches are not on major parts of the painting, mostly on the edges.
    I am an artist myself but hesitate to attempt doing the repairs.

  3. Thanks for making it clear that cleaning a painting is not based on per square inch but rather the painting itself. I can only imagine how stressful and time consuming it would be to clean a large, expensive painting. Especially if it was unique and the artist was dead because there would no way of getting another one.

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  6. Eric Swain says:

    I am a modest collector of landscape art. I have consulted Scott several times regarding art and restoration work. He is varry professional yet varry personable and easy to talk to and was varry helpfull . Thanks Scott

  7. Sean Febus says:

    I was a little skeptical about finding someone with the specialized knowledge online to handle the restoration of an important work of art (to me!). Then Scott Haskins came over to my house and I relaxed a little as he answered my questions and appeared to be totally the right person. But when I went to FACL and got “the tour” and met the other conservators and saw other paintings with problems and the treatments being done… these guys are rock stars!!!!!! The final result was beyond perfection. Hiring FACL, Scott Haskins and his team is the closest thing to having an “Undo Button” to push for the damage that happened on your artwork.

  8. Michael Hernandez says:

    I contacted FACL in October 2015 regarding an oil painting that has been part of my wife’s family for decades. Scott Haskins promptly returned my phone call and gave me details about their repair and restoration processes and experience working with several art galleries locally in Laguna Beach. We researched other local companies only to find that their processes did not seem as thorough and detailed as those used by FACL. I am confident that FACL is the right choice!

    • Scott M. Haskins says:

      Thanks for leaving your comment Mike and I’m pleased you were able to get enough info to make a decision with confidence. We are delivering your painting back to you this week looking perfect. I’ll give you a call.

  9. Foland Banos says:

    Thanks for the great work on the paintings here! They look great. Your video’s very interesting!

  10. William Reyes says:

    Great job as usual with our little tour of members! I was impressed that you had so many examples of treatments for us to see. Don’t you just love the awe’s you get when they look through the microscope or see a UV light for the first time? Well done! Thank you so much!

  11. Daulton Peete says:

    Thanks for the great work on the paintings here at our little museum! They look great. I like your video and it seems very appropriate.

  12. Raymond Lester says:

    I own a local art gallery and told a friend and artist who had a damaged work of art that there is a fabulous restorer in Santa Barbara – Fine Arts Conservation Labs. Scott Haskins travels all over the world to museums/collectors to repair/clean/restore paintings. I suggested that she contact them – they will do an amazing, incredible job of fixing this.

    • Scott M. Haskins says:

      Hi Ray. We will, of course, roll out the red carpet for your friend. Thanks for the referral and your continued confidence in our services.

  13. Edward Rayo says:

    I have been so impressed by your videos and educational outreach to the world about our conservation field. You are such an inspiration to all of us!

  14. Alexander Street says:

    I brought my museum studies class to see FACL’s facility and, as always…that was a terrific talk and inspiring! Chatter in the car on the way back to campus was enthusiastic. For most students this was likely the first time they ever encountered your profession let alone thought about the complex layers of conserving a work of art. Nicely done! Thank you!

    • Scott M. Haskins says:

      We’ve been doing this for years now haven’t we Alex! It is always fun to meet with your great students.

  15. Samuel Julian says:

    The paintings you shipped back to me arrived and your team did such a fantastic job with them. I bought another painting on Saturday that I’d like to ship directly to you from Houston. I’ll send a picture of the painting via email. The painting is 30”x40”. I know you guys will do a great job!

  16. Robert Sousa says:

    Scott and team are by far the best professional art conservation company in Santa Barbara and surrounding areas… I would say including Los Angeles!

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