Stolen Art Mysteries In The Movies And In Real Life

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Throughout the decades of my services in art conservation, analyzing artwork and
working with collectors and institutions I have had the discussion, many times, about the many facets of finding and recuperating stolen artwork. I’ve been involved in the process many times… though I’ve never ended up following clues and escaping through catacombs below St. Marks Square running for our lives from the bad guys. It is certainly the subject of interesting novels and movies! Scan this article for some interesting details, recently in the news:

This turn of the 20th century painting which used to be in perfect condition, was cut out of its frame and rolled up like a newspaper by the thieves, hoping to imitate, I guess, the theft of the Rembrandt in the movie Entrapment. Unlike the make believe Rembrandt, this painting freaked out and the paint shattered and flaked off when it was rolled up. In fact, when it was brought to us by the heart broken son of the woman in the portrait, he passed it along to me like a plate of corn flakes, fearful of a gust of wind.

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