Pezzi Al Muro – talks e mostra online conference (a Lonato del Garda, Lombardy, Italy)

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Description of the Online Conference

Sat. Nov. 18th, 2023 1 am PST

The short cycle of 10 speakers who focus on the various agitated levels of interaction between art and public spaces and on their intimately ambiguous relationship of the conflicts of art in urban places, on an art in “pieces” capable of representing the fragmentary transformation of our reality. This event will be of interest to architects, urban planners, cultural affairs administrator, art conservators and those in tune with the intellectual pursuit of art.

Speakers are experts and artists from Italy, France, Germany and the United States who introduce themselves with their experiences by telling and showing various interesting and cutting-edge projects to educate, present artistic paths and promote artistic expressions. Sign up on this page:

Ten presentations dedicated to individual projects, curatorial experiences, the promotion of and the protection of art in the public sphere and reflections on the transitory aspect of public art. These interventions are structured in such a way as to address the numerous aspects of the proposed themes by inserting the point of view of the speakers-artists , contractors and contributors to the projects and committed in the cities and communities involved: today, much is said about urban art and its impact on society, but little is known of many of its protagonists who influence policies and promote its visibility and propagation.

Luisa Pari in Madonna del Corlo community complex in Lonato del Garda, (BS) Italy

The event takes place in a single day divided into two sessions: the interventions will be this Saturday, Nov. 18th from 10 to 12 and in the afternoon from 2.30 to 6 pm Italian time (9 hours ahead of PST).

Banksy’s Iconic Rat #SavingBanksy

The presentation (in Italian) by art and mural conservator Scott M. Haskins of Fine Art Conservation Laboratories will be at 8 am (USA, PST) on Sat, Nov. 18th on best practices, parameters, and practical guidelines for the creation and maintenance of exterior murals in urban environments in order to attain longevity and “pride of ownership.” The talk will be translated into English and posted afterwards on the website blog of Fine Art Conservation Laboratories.

Mr. Haskins, is an American mural conservator with outdoor public art (murals) consulting, maintenance and restoration contracts presently with Los Angeles/CA, Santa Monica/CA, City of Indio (Palm Springs/CA), the State of Washington.

During the interval between the two sessions, the public will be able to contact the amin of the conference to access a guided tour of the Madonna del Corlo church and, for the entire duration of the interventions, the exhibition of the works of the artists, speakers and students of the University of Brescia.

On the day of the event, a mural dedicated to residents, created by the Brescian artist Laura Micieli, will be inaugurated at 9.30 am, at the Rsa Fondazione Madonna del Corlo Onlus.

This conference program is made possible with the patronage of the Municipality of Lonato del Garda, the University of Brescia and the Order of Architects, Planners, Landscape Architects and Conservators. Thanks also to Fine Art Conservation Laboratories for assistance, support and participation.

“The initiative is credited with the release of 8 vocational training certificates for P.P.C. Architects. – Registration on the Services Portal”

Sign up on this page:

Conference is transmitted from Lonato del Garda, Garda Lake Region, Italy

Questions? Scott M. Haskins,, 805 564 3438



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About Scott M. Haskins

Scott Haskins has been in professional art conservation since 1975, specializing in the conservation/restoration of easel paintings, murals and art on paper. FACL, Inc. is known nationally for doing A+ work no matter the size or difficulty of the project. We are happy to do a quick cleaning on a family heirloom. Our client list and resume is also full of very satisfied clients of large, difficult/complicated projects at remote locations. Excellent services are also available as an Expert Witness/Legal Testimony in art related matters. Consultation on art related projects occur regularly including extensive insurance evaluations for insured or insurer. Services are offered worldwide. Scott M. Haskins is also author of the "Save Your Stuff" series, educational information, materials and supplies to help people protect and save their treasured family heirlooms and collectibles at home and office. He can be reached at 805 564 3438. Video and written testimonials at
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