Historical Street Art Mural – Strother Martin Mural by Kent Twitchell- Gets Tagged and…

About a month or 6 weeks ago, artist Kent Twitchell completed the restoration (repainting) of his 1971 mural that had been obliterated by graffiti. He called me to help him put a protective coating on it to give it a barrier against graffiti and abuse or accidents IN THE FUTURE.

So, in this very quick video, you’ll see us have a brief chat about the historical nature of the mural, you’ll see me varnishing and then… and explanation of what happened when IT GOT TAGGED A COUPLE OF NIGHTS AGO!


It was “just” a good varnish job… but it saved the mural from getting damaged and this is a basic idea behind the efforts of the art conservation field.


So, how did you like this news, this video, this work by Kent and myself?

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17 Responses to Historical Street Art Mural – Strother Martin Mural by Kent Twitchell- Gets Tagged and…

  1. Win Blevins says:

    Strother was a neighbor at Malibu and the best friend I had in the movie industry. A great fellow, generous, and an unceasing fountain of quotations from great literature, especially Walt Whitman. He loved the mural Kent Twitchell painted of his face on a building in Hollywood, and I still love to see it.

  2. Sirman Devonshire says:

    Great post. I’ve been thinking about varnishing my murals. Seems smart to work with a mural conservator if he’s not a diva. Thank you and good luck.

  3. Kailee MArtin says:

    Thanks for restoring this mural. Its a really nice part of the neighborhood and everyone’s really proud of it. Please don’t let it get tagged and ruined.

  4. Samuel Johnson says:

    After I watched your video I drove around Little Armenia, close to where I live and saw the mural So cool!!! I even had a pizza at the place you showed on your video and, you were right, it was really good. Interesting fun info. Thanks.

  5. Ronda Samuelson says:

    Keep up the good work. I love that this Armenian community is behind you and helps (as you showed in the video). I love Kent’s murals and applaud any effort to protect, preserve… and do more of them!

  6. Phillip Sanders says:

    Thanks for sharing the details of this. Its a good example how the neighborhood can help and protect murals and public art… you know, take ownership.

  7. Jean Stables says:

    We’ve been looking over anti graffiti efforts of others here in Melbourne. Thanks for posting this. Very helpful.

  8. Rhonda Moosman says:

    You’re a very professional blogger. I’ve loved looking at several articles. When I was in college studying art history we used to kind of think about where we could go to find art conservation resources that would help us know more about that part of our studies. But what we ended up doing was mostly theoretical cause we didn’t have a good place to go to see it first hand. I wish your blog would have been around then. What great info you put out. Do you ever have tours of your studio or lecture?

    • Scott M. Haskins says:

      Yes, I have tours from college classes, museums, historical societies etc several times a year and if you are still associated with a group, feel free to contact me for a tour. I also speak frequently about projects I’m involved with (like what we are doing at http://www.savefreewaymurals.com).

  9. Simon Clipper says:

    I’ve been looking over several other pages of your website/blog. Lots of useful info here for artists and collectors besides being just plain interesting for people who like art. This blog post of protecting murals from graffiti is very cool. I hate taggers who ruin beautiful things. Thank you in your efforts!

  10. Daniela Koenning says:

    Thanks for working to restore this mural. I see it on my way to work and I would love to see all the murals along the 101 downtown stretch come back to life… and be maintained! Great job and thanks.

  11. Lynne Krueger says:

    Hey Scott! You are doing a GREAT SERVICE for the city of Los Angeles!!!! Thank you for revealing the beautiful art that has been hiding for so many years!!! What a wonderful and ambitious work you are doing! Your work is really going to improve many aspects of the city and it’s beauty!

  12. Suzen says:

    That makes me SO happy! Thank you. It breaks my heart when taggers markup beautiful art.

  13. Elson says:

    Liked the vandalism-resistant coating, not the tagging act itself 🙂 Was that the Trusheen Invisi Seal being used?

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