Unknown Michael Jackson Mural Painted 1992 Lives As Digital NFTs

Artist Kent Twitchell With His Monumental Mural Pulled from Storage and Restored

Kent Twitchell, internationally famous artist for painting monumental sized murals of “American Cultural Heros” feels his greatest masterpiece is a result of the unforgettable creative effort he had when The King of Pop, The Most Famous Man in the World, Michael Jackson posed for Twitchell to create the 100 ft high painted monumental mural, intended to add legitimacy to the pop star’s legacy between 1990 and 1992. This is the only “monument” to represent himself that Michael Jackson ever posed for.

This high energy project of creating the exciting 12 story tall project of MJ by KT was painted in acrylic on a polyester fabric, intended to be adhered to the outside of a building. At one point, Michael Jackson’s entertainer-genius-creative-mind wanted to make it an interactive mural on the side of a building with lighting affects, smoke machines and lasers. But that idea was quashed by the city of Hollywood in 1992.

As he promised to The King of Pop, artist Kent Twitchell, committed to MJ that he would put the time and energy into making his painted creation so that this artwork would be the artist’s lifetime masterpiece… but it remained an uninstalled masterpiece.

Instead of becoming a famous destination of public art of perhaps the most beloved music genius of  several generations, worthy of making any building noteworthy on an international level, it has languished forgotten in storage rolled up on small tubes for more than the last 30 years. After Michael’s death in 2009, the project was abandoned by the family, estate, corporations and legal representation of the defunct musician.

Rolls of the mural sections as stored by the artist in his self storage unit for decades

During Covid in 2022, the effort got underway to photograph in high resolution each of the 250 panels (which were never mounted to a wall on a building) that make up the 100 ft x 60 ft mural. Once the images were captured on special high resolution photographic equipment, the individual images were “stitched” together pixel by pixel to make the 250 panels into 1 unified high res digital image that could be uploaded and “minted” or “mined” into non-fungible tokens (NFTs). For more information on what are NFTs, click here:  Here is the process on video…

Kent Twitchell, the brilliant renown artist of the artwork, said, “Michael would have loved this new technology. He was all about new technology and what it could do for his art. He would have been crazy excited about the idea of this masterpiece which would have been “stuck” on the side of a building for people to come visit, but instead now, this artwork is going to travel the world and reach out to fans internationally. Nothing could be better for establishing Michael’s image, reputation and legacy. He would have loved it!”

The final and complete “state of being of this artwork,” compatible with what the tech-loving cultural icon would have loved, is the exquisitely detailed high resolution digital image prepared for world-wide distribution as PixelNFTs, to be accompanied by exciting “ancillary benefits,” a term MJ, the businessman, used to like to think about.

“We are so lucky to have Scott Haskins and FACL in charge of taking care of and seeing to the potential of this incredible masterpiece. No body could open the doors and see the future like him,” Twitchell added and has posted on social media.

Now here is the interesting “rub.” After years of dragging around selected pieces of the mural by the artist for temporary exhibitions as he tried to promote the mural and his well intentioned helpers (before Scott Haskins) and possibly because Twitchell moved a couple of times, it turned out that parts or panels of the mural were lost in addition to parts of the mural that were not as finished as Kent wanted them to be. So, after the digitization process captured every brush stroke and pixel, we were able to see what, exactly was missing without having to layout the mural on a football field to meet a look. It was, then, possible on the computer to complete the mural digitally before it was made ready for NFTs.

In other words, the concept and the completion of the Michael Jackson Monument was first accomplished digitally as NFT artwork before it was a complete painting in the physical world. It was, in reality, first a virtual, digital, NFT work of art, then later it became a completed work of art in the real world.The digitized, virtual NFT creation of

Michael Jackson’s Cool Criminal.

The is the only authorized, authentic, official

digital artwork for NFTs authorized by the artist.


Michael Jackson’s  Monument now comes to life for the whole world to own, via NFT fractional ownership technology through PelXP.com … and included with each PixelNFT is a bonus: an unpublished song and performance by MJ! That’s right,  the songs and the rights to distribute came directly from MJ’s ex-manager and other sources directly working with MJ! And there’s more “ancillary benefits!” Go to PelXP.com to learn more.

FACL is honored to be part of this collaborative effort for the creation of the NFT work of art and the preservation, restoration and installation of the physical art… no matter where it may be installed in the world! Sao Paolo? Tokyo, Hong Kong, London, Rome?… Dubai, Shanghai or Hollywood? Stay tuned for more information!!!

For more information: Scott M. Haskins, 805 564 3438 office, 805 570 4140 mobile, faclartdoc@gmail.com

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14 Responses to Unknown Michael Jackson Mural Painted 1992 Lives As Digital NFTs

  1. clyde scaff says:

    This could be a BIG deal… I hope the attention goes viral.

  2. Tony Gallina says:

    Cirque du Soleil has a show in Vegas with this image right now. 

  3. Terry Danza says:

    What a great image. I love it.

  4. Dan Uberoff says:

    Maybe it could go to Europe or Japan… or Vegas.

  5. Darnel Ulrey says:

    I hope this mural doesn’t go overseas… it belongs in Hollywood.

  6. Scott M. Haskins says:

    It is unbelievable Blake. We are going to have sections of the mural on exhibition, perhaps several shows. I hope you can attend one and see what the 100 ft painting looks like close up. It is very amazing.

  7. penny edwards says:

    His fan base is bigger now than ever before. The excitement will be world wide.

  8. Tyler Reynolds says:

    This mural is so unique… it was made together WITH MJ!! I mean MJ was part of the creation process!! Wow!!! Back from the dead!

  9. Vincent Di Gregorio says:

    I love Kent’s mural work. His huge murals are all over L.A. and other cities. Let’s add one more!!!

    • Scott M. Haskins says:

      I agree Vincent. My favorite is the LA Symphony on the 110 Freeway in downtown LA. No one knows this yet, but Kent will probably be adding to the mural in the near future!

  10. Lilly Weimer says:

    This is soooo cool! I’m super excited to see this mural go up on a building!

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