Badly Ripped Gorgeous Oil Painting by Colin Campbell Cooper Repaired

The people that did this had to not know that this painting in good condition was worth at least $75,000! I mean, who treat beautiful art like this? Well… maybe I should answer my own question as I HAVE GOT STORIES and true confessions! Well, anyway, here is the quick video of the painting’s resurrection and thankful return to it’s former glory…

Professional art restoration ethics and practice, painting conservation grade materials, art connoisseurship and expertise all contribute to the long term results of halting deterioration, stabilizing the trauma of damage, restoring the beauty and original nature of the artwork and ensuring the long term durability of the procedures.

So, do the art conservation treatments required for the repair of this painting add back the value to the damaged work of art? Is the money worth it or is it a good investment? All questions I hear often…

The first question to ask is, “What is the artwork worth shredded like this?” Well, not much… unless you know a guy who can fix it!!

So, let’s say it costs $5K to fix the rips and make it look perfect. Then how much value is added back? It is, of course, not in perfect condition even though IT LOOKS perfect. No one will pay the price of an undamaged equivalent for an extensively repaired work of art. Of course, the quality of the repair can make all the difference in the world.

So, the value depends. If you find the painting in a dumpster and you put $5K into it, I’d say you’ve hit a small lottery. But if you paid $50K for the painting a few years ago and it was your drunk neighbor’s champagne glass that went through it (and you don’t have insurance) then you are going to take a hit.

For a realistic info on the value of your damaged artwork, contact a certified appraiser. Call Richard Holgate at 805 895 5121 and tell your story to him.

I was the art conservator for the Colin Campbell Cooper Estate for many years and worked closely with Sherrill Hendersen, the artist’s grand niece. I have has been, in fact, responsible for the authentication of several lost valuable works by this artist. For another example of art authentication. In fact on this video, there’s an example of a hidden signature of Colin Campbell Cooper. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel!! How about a thumbs up… on everything!!! Click here:

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