Edgar Payne Art Restoration and Conservation Expertise

Paintings by Edgar Payne are evaluated and restored often by Scott M. Haskins and FACL, Inc. The work and expertise is recognized as being of the highest quality by dealers, museums and private collectors.

Before cleaning Edgar Payne

Before Cleaning

AC Edgar Payne

After Cleaning and Lining (and varnish)

The majority of the artwork that has come into our Santa Barbara lab since 1984 has been early California art, painted between 1870 and 1940. In our art conservation laboratory and in my personal visits with collectors, I often evaluate and work on all the most important, most expensive paintings by the major artists of this period.

Edgar Payne is one of those artists with whom we have extensive experience; we examine and work on his paintings almost monthly. My estimate of the number of paintings by Payne that we have worked on over the years in our lab (up to the year 2011) is 285. This count does not include the paintings that I have only inspected and evaluated but did not do art conservation work on. This number could easily reach over 500 times since 1984 that I’ve evaluated Payne’s paintings.

Here’s a quick time lapse video of a startling cleaning!

We are presenting this information to you so you can feel confident that the painting by Edgar Payne that interests you can receive the most expert attention available.

Our expertise on these matters is recognized by George Stern Fine Arts (Los Angeles), William A. Karges Fine Art (Carmel and Beverly Hills), Trotter Galleries (Carmel), The Irvine Museum, Edenhurst Galleries (Laguna Beach), Redfern Galleries (Laguna Beach), Bonham and Butterfield Auction House, Moran Auction House and many, many other dealers, museums and collectors throughout the Western United States.

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I’ll be adding to this page a video and discussions about paintings by Edgar Payne.

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4 Responses to Edgar Payne Art Restoration and Conservation Expertise

  1. Brock Alius says:

    Is there anything you can share in your experience about Edgar’s general processes? His paintings often appear to be done in one or two layers. Is there any further insight you have into his technique that would be of value to a practicing artist? Thank you.

    • Scott M. Haskins says:

      Brock, Edgar Payne wrote books on his technique. That’s your best source. Best wishes.

  2. Jonathan Childress says:

    Thank you for the inspiration. I have always wanted to train and work in the field of art conservation. I was in London in May and visited the Courtauld Gallery. Somerset House (in the same complex as the Courtauld) offers a postgraduate degree in oil painting conservation. It is not easy to do from Florida. As a teen in Connecticut, I rummaged through “antique” shops to find canvases to adopt. I could not afford much but the paintings were cheap as they were in poor condition. It was through trial and error that I eventually turned out a decent product. But, when I came across your YouTube video, I nearly wept. When I worked on pieces to my satisfaction, I did it not out of pride or even accomplishment. I did it out of the respect for 2-D artworks which I came to love. It is rebirth.

  3. George Stern says:

    Scott Haskins and FACL have been doing all the art conservation work on my fine paintings since 1986 and I can highly recommend them to you.
    Video testimonial at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sdgnATVV1Lc
    George Stern
    310 276 2600

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