Corporate, Municipal, State and Federal Public Art Maintenance Contracts

We contract for consulting on new mural public art projects, for the mural conservation treatments, their maintenance services (incl graffiti removal issues) and other art related matters.

2024 Cities working with us to develop public art maintenance schedules are Pomona, CA, and Salt Lake City, UT. Pomona has had FACL do a survey/assessment of their outdoor public art of most interest and is in the funding phase. The City of Salt Lake has the funding and is anxious to implement the customized plan FACL developed with the Executive Director for works of art that hang mostly within the huge historic pioneer city hall… but that plan will expand to art in other city offices and oversee the maintenance of outdoor public art.

2024 City of Indio, California – Public Art Maintenance – Contract includes treatments on 9 monumental murals, yearly inspection and maintenance and the consultation in the planning of new murals

2023 The Washington State Arts Commission (ArtsWA). 1500 murals state-wide, contract for consulting and mural conservation and maintenance services. We are presently collaborating on 8 projects.

2023 City of Porterville, working with living artists who produce public art. CA Marching Through Time Mural,

2017 -2027 Dept of Cultural Affairs, Los Angeles, 3 year contract for mural assessments, consultations and mural conservation treatments, contract renewed for a second 3 year term. We are presently working on organizing 3 contracted mural conservation projects

2021-28 Cultural Arts Commission, extended contract in 2024 for graffiti removal and coatings on murals, City of Santa Monica, Murals

2016 -2019 Federal Reserve Art Collection, 5 Centers in 5 of the Western United States

2012 – 2015 Province of British Columbia (murals)

2009 – 2012  Arts Commission of Los Angeles, Community Redevelopment Agency, Cultural Arts. Open ended project of various mural projects and consultation projects (assessments, murals). This agency was closed and became the Department of Cultural Affairs with which we have contracts.

2000 – Present Collection maintenance and Consulting for The Corporation of the President, Salt Lake City

1998 – Present Contract with the City of Dallas at Fair Park, Texas

1997 – 2000 General Services Administration (GSA), United States Government, Indefinite Quantity Contract for conservation services for paintings in federal buildings in 20 Western States.

Example of City Mural Maintenance Proposal (Graffiti Removal) Ideas for discussion

Public Art Protection Varnishing Murals and Oil Paintings for Future Maintenance

Removing Graffiti From Murals

Public Art Mural’s Graffiti Protection Coating (Our Multi-Layer Applications) Is Put To The Test

Mural Restored of Famous Porterville, CA Marching Bands – Maintaining Public Art

Does a Public Art Mural Need Varnish If Graffiti Is Not A Problem?

Protecting The Kobe Bryant Memorial Mural 2020 With An Anti-Graffiti Coating

Art Restoration and Conservation Consultation Services

We are actively providing these services, at this time, for the City of Los Angeles (Dept. of Cultural Affairs), The City of Santa Monica, The City of Porterville, CA, The Corporation of the President-Salt Lake City, UT, Fair Park-Dallas Texas, The Washington State Arts Commission (ArtsWA), City of Indio, CA, The Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles.