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We’ve been providing art conservation and painting restoration services to private clients in Las Vegas for many years but only on an “on demand” basis. When we get a call to restore a painting, clean a painting, fix artwork, repair a rip in a canvas painting, analyze a painting we schedule a personal visit to look over/evaluate the artwork at your location, offering a estimate of the work up front at no charge. Then, if the work is to be done, we offer PU/Delivery to your home or office.

The work’s schedule, however, needs to coordinate with other projects pick up and delivery. Fortunately, it doesn’t all depend on work to be done only in the Las Vegas area. Our lab is located in Santa Barbara, CA but we do work for clients all over the Western US and we work on murals nationally.

See a quick video tour or our lab:

We are very active in the Salt Lake City area where we do art conservation and restoration work for the LDS Church History Department and Church History Museum, the Daughter of the Utah Pioneers, The Springville Art Museum and many private collectors. So, right now, we are driving through Las Vegas every 6 weeks or so.

Give us a call to discuss your needs, and schedule and see if we can meet soon.

805 564 3438 office

805 570 4140 mobile Scott M. Haskins

References and testimonials:

and more video testimonials on YouTube Channel”Bestartdoc”:

92 Responses to Las Vegas Art Restoration, Art Conservation, Painting Restoration, Painting Conservation, Repair Art – Las Vegas

  1. Debra Hernandez says:

    I wanted to agree with everyone here and say that you do great work! It is amazing, after watching some of your YouTube videos, what you can really do with a painting that is in need of repairs. Keep up the great work!

  2. Brian Rodriquez says:

    Have you ever thought about branching out across the country? Or in your case, is it easier to travel to locations and do the work yourself with your own team?

    • Scott M. Haskins says:

      Hi Brian,
      I really don’t like the business model of multiple locations. Its not a profession that lends itself to franchising. There is no high volume aspect to the treatments we offer and the services are often custom-type professional responses.

  3. Linnea Diaz says:

    Just the fact that you are willing to provide some sort of estimate of the cost to restore art is a lot more than some of the others people that I know will do this.

  4. Tiara Allen says:

    Excellent video Scott. It does a great job showing what you do and how you can help an art lover!

  5. Gary Dover says:

    Do you have any sort of mailing list or newsletter that you send out on a regular basis? I would like to sign up if so.

  6. Danny Giguere says:

    What is the max distance you would travel for a restoration job?

    • Scott M. Haskins says:

      Danny, we pick up and deliver through San Diego, OC, LA and up to Santa Barbara, Las Vegas and SLC.

  7. Joni King says:

    Thanks again Scott. The consultation that you provided for us was amazing. You made my husband feel good about the fact that we had an option to get our painting fixed. Thank you!

  8. Robert Duffy says:

    The minute that I saw our painting was going to need work, I was not sure if I would find anyone near where we lived. I was so happy that Scott from FACL was available for a consultation and within a few weeks our painting looked as good as new 🙂 We are so happy!

  9. John Cooper says:

    I didn’t realize that you take on speaking engagements. That is great! That way people can learn about the process and know there is a solution to a painting in poor condition.

    • Scott M. Haskins says:

      John, what I usually talk about is the care and preservation of the things we have at home that make up our family history, like, documents, artwork, family bibles etc. I spoke this last year at an event for the City of Las Vegas (Click here to see event)

  10. Gary Goodman says:

    The work that you do for private people and organizations is top notch. So many people would assume that when a painting is ripped or faded that there would be nothing they can do about it. Thank you!

  11. Salvatore Kolb says:

    I never really thought about the legal part of knowing this type of thing. that makes perfect sense though. In an insurance case, especially with a painting that is worth a lot of money, testimony from a professional would be key.

  12. Louise Ali says:

    There is a lot to learn here. And, Scott, you seem like the perfect person to teach us all! I would really like to be able to watch a complete restoration for myself.

    • Scott M. Haskins says:

      Its a process that is slow going and you’d probably fall asleep. We don’t hit anything with a mop! Also, the process can take days or weeks.

  13. Jane Davis says:

    This is one great interesting site! Also, it is nice to see that you provide us a few videos to watch while we are learning about art preservation and things like that!

  14. Marjorie Tate says:

    Thank you for the great work that you do. I have a painting, it is a small one, but it has a tear in the corner by the wooden framing. Is that something that you might be able to fix up?

  15. Judy Williams says:

    I see a couple of people asking about the length of the process. I am also wondering that. I am in no hurry, but if I were to get my painting restored, it would be on a time table that is quite short. Does that work for your company?

  16. Sallie Booth says:

    I didn’t realize that you did speaking events! That is a great idea and I would love for you to talk to my art students at some point. I think they would really appreciate the work that you can do for damaged paintings and other art!

  17. Hazel Terrell says:

    I love my paintings, so it is nice to know that if anyone purchases a painting of mine and it happens to need a repair that Scott and his team are there and ready to help out! Thank you so much. You provide a great, valuable service!

    • Scott M. Haskins says:

      Thanks Hazel for the nice comment and compliments. Its a pleasure working with you too.

  18. Doreen Jones says:

    Thank you Scott. You have provided a great service for my family on a painting that has been in our family for more than 50 years! We could not be more happy and I hope that more people take my testimonial to heart!

    • Scott M. Haskins says:

      Thanks Doreen. It was a real pleasure to meet your family and, of course, we enjoyed having your painting in the lab. We love being around beautiful art.

  19. Ruby Tan says:

    When you take a look at a painting that needs “typical” work done to clean it up and bring it back to life, how long does that process take?

    • Scott M. Haskins says:

      If its an easy cleaning of grime or smoke/nicotine (and obviously revarnish) then we could feasibly do it in a couple of weeks. If there are structural problems to correct and/or the cleaning is difficult, we could take 4-6 weeks. It depends on your needs and our schedule… and how big the project is.

  20. Archie Smith says:

    Thanks for this info. I looked over what is available as far as professional art restoration services go in LV and you are heads and shoulders above anything else around. Talk to you soon.

  21. Leo Plunking says:

    My insurance claims adjuster told me to look up your info and I’m convinced you’re “the guy.” We’ll give you a call after the weekend.

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  23. Herb Smith says:

    Thank you for your comments here… most useful. Thank you so much for this good article.

  24. Brett Vanderford says:

    I have a pastel on paper by Albert Groll that needs restoration and I’m so glad I found FACL. Finding someone in Las Vegas to do this type of work is challenging, to say the least. Scott was very helpful over the phone in offering advice on the restoration and I look forward to meeting him to talk about the process.

    • Scott M. Haskins says:

      Thanks for your call and I look forward to meeting with you personally to look at your item.

  25. James Daniel Johnson Jr says:

    I have a Land Grant from 1771 transferring ownership of land to my ancestor in Virginia signed by -it looks like a Lord Admiral Nelson. It is faded and has some holes in it. Do you do documents like that and that old, and if so what would be a very rough estimate, and if not, do you have someone you can refer me too. I live in Las Vegas Nevada.

    • Scott M. Haskins says:

      James, Sorry I’m slow in getting back to you. I was in Washington DC for a meeting. Call me at my office and we’ll discuss the options. 805 564 3438

  26. James Mewan says:

    Thanks for posting this video and page. I’ve been looking and shall call you…

  27. Ralph Hansen says:

    I found the other “restoration folks” in LV to be way below the quality of professionals that I was looking for. What a relief to find Scott and his company. I called and had a great conversation. He made a visit to our office, inspected our project, answered out questions and helped us immeasurably.

  28. Jayne Ashbolt says:

    I called Scott and found him knowledgeable and helpful. His schedule to come through Las Vegas and meet me looks like its going to be very accommodating and I’m looking forward to meeting with him at no charge.

  29. Gina Flora says:

    Thanks for the great info. I need you! I’ll call.

  30. Greg Meisner says:

    Thank you for your excellent service this last week. I appreciate the deliver and the excellent quality art restoration work. Working with your lab has been a real pleasure.

  31. Wendy Navaro says:

    I am very pleased with the work FACL did on my comic book art damaged in shipping. Your quality work, good communications, delivery and professionalism made my first experience with you very pleasant. It will not be my last and, in fact, I look forward to working with you again.

  32. Scott M. Haskins says:

    Thanks for leaving a comment Gary. Yes, we help evaluate and settle insurance claims often. Your insurance company will pay for the evaluation and report. Our work has been well thought of and endorsed by Chubb, Farmers, State Farm, Chartis and many others. Several disaster clean up companies us our services such as Belfor, ServPro and others. Click on this link for testimonials:

  33. Venetta Pry says:

    My husband and I have a painting on canvas. The painting is placed above our fireplace & we have found 3/4 in cracks in numerous places on the canvas. Is this something you can assist with?

    Thank you,
    Raymer and Venetta Pry

    • Scott M. Haskins says:

      Thanks for leaving your question Venetta. I called you back and left a message. I’d be happy to talk to you and, also, I will be in your area next week and we could meet if you like.

  34. Miriam Ross says:

    We had a valuable artifact marked with a Sharpie the other day. Can you take it off?! Let’s talk right away please! BTW, thanks for having this webpage set up. I found you searching the internet.

    • Scott M. Haskins says:

      Yes, Miriam, we take Sharpie (permanent marker) off of things all the time. Of course the idea is to remove it and have the item looked undamaged and as it was prior to the tagging but the surface that is marked and its fragile nature may make it more or less difficult. Give me a call and we’ll discuss the details. I’ll be coming through LV in a few weeks. Thanks for your note. Scott 805 564 3438

  35. Nick Laughman says:

    Its great to know about your services being available in LV. I have a friend who collects and buys at auction often who lives here. When he recommended you I thought that maybe dealing with someone as far away as you are would make working together difficult. But I spoke with Paul last evening and he told be you went to the auction house in LA for him the other day to inspect his newly acquire paintings and you were able to give him an update on condition and estimates for art conservation. I also heard you were in town last week! If I had known. I appears that you are in my area often and I would very much like to tap into your expertise and help. You are very highly recommended. Shall I just give you a call?

  36. Jill says:

    My grandmother has some art that needs some touch up. Do you think they would do it for her?

  37. Darrell Ouelette says:

    I worked with Scott in an assistant capacity 30 years ago and loved his manner and professionalism. You will enjoy meeting him.

  38. Markette McGurk says:

    Thanks for posting this page. I’ve been looking for an art conservator in Las Vegas and haven’t found someone or gotten a referral I can feel good about. I have a family heirloom that I would die if I lost. I’ll give you a call. With your pick up and delivery service and face to face meeting, I’d like to do that.

  39. Nice to know you work in our area. I’ve been looking for a qualified art conservator but I have found it confusing to be in a city with so much fakery and lack of high quality museums… or even dealers… and to be able to ask for referrals from people I’d trust to know. Thanks for putting up this blog. It’s got great stuff to read. I’d love to see some of your mural restoration projects!

  40. Dee says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing this useful information here. I have found this ‘laboratory’ video very interesting one. And I’m excited you are now in our city. I need to have repaired or restored acouple of stained glass pieces and 2 paintings. Also, please confirm, whether you work on ivory conservation as well or not. How is the best way to contact you?

    • Scott M. Haskins says:

      Hi Dee, No, I’m sorry we do not work on ivory. Just paintings. I’m looking forward to connecting with you about your other artwork and I’ll be coming through LV in the next few weeks. Call me at 805 564 3438

  41. Sam says:

    I have found this site very helpful. Scott Haskins and his staff are extremely professional. Thanks for providing your services when I needed and really you did a wonderful job. My organization is so satisfied by your top quality services and your timely response in restoring the damaged items here for our office in Las Vegas. Tons of thanks once again

  42. Rosalind White says:

    I have a huge wall hanging for my dining hall. But gradually the colors of the textile seem to be washing out, fading or discoloring. Can I call you to come see me when you are in LV next time?

    • Scott M. Haskins says:

      Rosalind, Thanks for your comment. We only specialize in paintings. I could make some suggestions about the amount of light its getting and the way you have it displayed it. Let’s talk and exchange some photos by emails . 805 564 3438

  43. Linda says:

    The tour of the fine arts conservation laboratory is amazing. The video is excellent and something that all art history students should see. I wish could come an do a tour of the lab.

  44. Henry Arnold says:

    Thanks for putting out this information and videos. The second video showing the conservation – restoration laboratory, was really interesting. As an art history student, I have found this website very useful and interesting.

  45. JOHN RICHARDS says:

    I love paintings and the history of art work. I’m always looking for more ways to learn about this interesting field. In my searches on the internet, Scott Haskins is the name that comes up among the top experts in this field. The science, technology and the workmanship your group is showing, is really awesome. Thanks for sharing such interesting content


    This is an ideal site for them who really want to restore and preserve arts and paintings. I love to collect paintings for my home and they are like my treasures, but I was not aware of the preservation and restoration issues. This is good to know!!. The videos are so amazing. Thanks and I’ll sign up for updates.

  47. MARC ANTHONY says:

    Wow! I have heard of restoration and conservation before but this site is the ultimate knowledge box. Our company has art work and may need some renovation and restoration services. Now that I’ve looked through your site, I have a better idea of what those services are. I’m going to share this information with our company executives and will get back to you soon. Thanks!

  48. Genna BARTONI says:

    Heritage preservation is what I cherish. I have a collection of antique paintings, wall hangings and statues for my home. I have visited many art museums, galleries, heritage buildings across USA. The way you showed in the video how the professionals are handling and repairing these damaged art works and thereby the equipments and technology involved are really amazing. To preserve a damaged art work requires correct examination and the right treatment as well. Thanks for sharing this video and will be looking for more in future.

  49. KATTY CARLYLE says:

    I love paintings and have collected a quite a few from different places. But one of my valuable treasures got a kind of water stain on the corners and the flaking is spreading and looks awful. The spot stain is getting darker too. I’ve been wondering how to find an expert and a school friend recommended you and your site. So, please help me!

    • Scott M. Haskins says:

      Hi Katty. Sorry to hear about your damage. The American Institute for Conservation has a referral service. Also there’s another site that refers: Feel free to call us and we can discuss if we can help you. Scott 805 564 3438

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