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We’ve been providing art conservation and painting restoration services to private clients in Las Vegas for many years but only on an “on demand” basis. When we get a call to restore a painting, clean a painting, fix artwork, repair a rip in a canvas painting, analyze a painting we schedule a personal visit to look over/evaluate the artwork at your location, offering a estimate of the work up front at no charge. Then, if the work is to be done, we offer PU/Delivery to your home or office.

The work’s schedule, however, needs to coordinate with other projects pick up and delivery. Fortunately, it doesn’t all depend on work to be done only in the Las Vegas area. Our lab is located in Santa Barbara, CA but we do work for clients all over the Western US and we work on murals nationally.

See a quick video tour or our lab:

We are very active in the Salt Lake City area where we do art conservation and restoration work for the LDS Church History Department and Church History Museum, the Daughter of the Utah Pioneers, The Springville Art Museum and many private collectors. So, right now, we are driving through Las Vegas every 6 weeks or so.

Give us a call to discuss your needs, and schedule and see if we can meet soon.

805 564 3438 office

805 570 4140 mobile Scott M. Haskins

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and more video testimonials on YouTube Channel”Bestartdoc”:

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  2. zahara says:

    Dear All,

    Have nice time

    My name is Zahara. I live in Iran in Tehran. I would like to hold a painting exhibition in your country. please guide me . Please tell me your conditions.

    best regards

  3. Craig T says:

    I called Scott with some questions about a piece of artwork I acquired and he gave me some fantastic advice that was extremely helpful and exactly the advice I was in need of. Thanks a lot for your valuable time Scott!

  4. Richard says:

    I spoke to Scott this morning regarding restoration of a piece of art that was purchased in Japan 40 some years ago by my mother in law. Scott was very help full and provided me with excellent advise and referrals to determine the value of the art. This will determine quality and type of restoration required. Thanks Scott.

  5. Renaldo Ragsdale says:

    You seem to be the only professional art conservation service provider that works in LV. Is this true? I’d love to chat about the restoration of a couple of paintings new time you come through. I’ll call.

    • Scott M. Haskins says:

      Hi Renaldo, yes, we are the most experienced professional fine art conservation lab offering services in Las Vegas. Call us at 805 564 3438, TTYS

  6. Jaimee Frayer says:

    I have a painting that has rips in it. I live inHenderson. When will you be out here?

    • Scott M. Haskins says:

      Hi Jaimee, I will be coming through LV in about 3 weeks… then again in about 4-5 weeks. Call my office so we can coordinate a visit (which you don’t pay for). 805 564 3438 TTYS and thanks for leaving your comment. Scott

  7. Cheryl Irwin says:

    I have two oil painting that have a small puncture in them. I live in Las Vegas. Do you have an artist here that can repair them?

    • Scott M. Haskins says:

      Cheryl, I will be in Las Vegas in about a week. Give me a call to discuss? 805 570 4140 mobile TTYS, Scott

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