Royal Carriages at the Italian White House and Paintings by Tintoretto

What would you say if I asked you to come along on a personal tour to see a behind the scenes viewing and special explanation by the collection curator and art conservator of the royal carriages in the collection of the Italian White House in Rome, Italy?!

We then stop for lunch around the corner from the “White House” and have the best lasagna and ruccola salad.

After lunch, would you still “hang out” with us and the art conservator of the royal carriages as gets us into the museum exhibition across the street as special guests to see the rare and exceptional show on the paintings of super famous Baroque Venetian artist, Tintoretto and gives us the inside scoop and special details unknown to the public?!

Savoy Royalty Carriage

Get your Cinderella fix and fantasize. See what these real royal carriage look like up close and personal.

Sorry you missed the in-person tour last week in Rome! But I made a special non-official, bootleg video of each insider’s special tour to share with you (and you’ll save a TON of money!). So take a minute to see these quick videos.

Fantasize about what it would be like to actually ride through the streets dressed in the finest dresses or uniform with people shouting your name and waving while you float along in one of these super-carriages! The carriage with the Egyptian design in the video was so hugely popular with the people that they are astounded by its design, quality and beauty. Talking about getting your “rock star” on! Here’s the video:


The exhibition on the famously theatrical mega artist from Baroque Venice, Tintoretto, is extremely rare. Why? Most of his paintings are gargantuan and inset into moldings and architecture high up in palaces and on ceilings! But special handling and efforts brought the exhibition together and I’ve got the special details for you on this behind the scene’s tour. If you are a museum buff, an art history student or just love Italy, you will find this video most interesting!


Another museum “walk-about” is the Philadelphia Museum of Art which got rave reviews:

If you have not seen our short video tour of our art conservation laboratory, go to our front landing page:

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46 Responses to Royal Carriages at the Italian White House and Paintings by Tintoretto

  1. Wendell Bergmann says:

    Remarkable carriages and wonderful preservation work! Loved the vid.

    • Scott M. Haskins says:

      Thanks Wendell. It was really fun to get the private tour and see these wonderful carriages up close and personal.

  2. John Woolrich says:

    Love these carriages!! Thanks for sharing such a unique perspective and look at their conservation!!

  3. karen martin says:

    AWESOME Carriages!

  4. Emilia Anderson says:

    I almost never leave remarks, but this page on the preservation of Royal Carriages
    at the Italian White House and the Paintings by Tintoretto were too interesting! What a cool job you have!

  5. Ashby Carmine says:

    I love the idea of carriages. Thanks for this tour! It makes the fantasy all the more real for me.

  6. Tami Rigotti says:

    Really fun thinking about what if I were to ride down the streets in these carriages! Thanks for the fantasy!

  7. Very nice carriage. I wanted to ride on that on my wedding day. 🙂

  8. Margarita says:

    Fun stuff! Thanks for letting get in touch with my little princess inside. And THANKS for being part of restoration and conservation of these wonderful parts of history!

  9. Janet Bohn says:

    Thank you for sharing this magical tour of these carriages. That was sweet.

  10. Jessie Basu says:

    Wow… what wonderful pieces of art these carriages are… I love them! Really, verrrrrrrrrryyy nice video… 🙂

  11. Virginia Ballon says:

    Wonderful video and thanks for the tour of the gorgeous carriages. Wow.

  12. Pam Guimondo says:

    I’m an “old” art history student which instilled in me a greater love for other cultures and times past. Your video on Tintoretto was a wonderful insight that I never had from the text book.

  13. Jason Bachelor says:

    Really interesting and fun to watch with my two little girls. They had SO many questions and watched it three times.

  14. Lucrezia de Dizertatie says:

    Hello very nice video!! Loved the carriages. Complimenti! Che divertimento vedere cose chiuse via dal pubblico.

  15. Mandy Pavlock says:

    This was SO cool. I’ve always fantasized about carriages but these are even better than the Disney versions. You are so lucky to do what you do! Thanks!

  16. Oh my…my entire life I have idolized that time period in general as well as those carriages. It would be amazing to actually own one and put it in my backyard along with some other interesting relics and sculptures. Anyway, the stuff dreams are made of for many girls for sure.

  17. Mae says:

    When I was in high school I was very interested in art history, and after watching the video it took me back to that time. Very appealing.

  18. Trina says:

    Oh wow it must have been something to live back in those times. Styles were definitely fascinating.

  19. Darya says:

    Art today is not anything like it was back centuries ago. There are very few Tintorettos around now. And for the token Tintorettos around, I hope their artwork is and will always be cherished.

  20. Melody says:

    I have always wanted to go to Italy and after reading this post, I now have more of a motivation to do so! I hope to get that opportunity one day!

  21. Trine says:

    This was great! Thanks for sharing Uncle Scott! So jealous of your Italy trip! 🙂

  22. Valerie says:

    This is extremely interesting! What gorgeous carriages, and it is so fascinating to see how much everything has evolved over time. If not there would be no such thing as a historical piece.

  23. Hannah says:

    I would decorate my house in that style if my husband allowed it. I love Tintoretto as he was extremely talented.

    • Scott M. Haskins says:

      Hannah, you must like Middle Eastern art and design. The Venetians were heavily influenced by Constantnoble and the Ottomans. Venice’s architecture and art is a wonderful blend of countries they conquered and traded with for centuries if not millennia. In this century, there was a very famous designer who was Spanish but adopted Venice as his home, Mariano Fortuny. We have many of his styled items in our house. We love the style of the Middle East Italianized by Venice!

  24. Meg says:

    Oh when I was a little girl I dreamed about those carriages, and wanted to ride in one. I still wonder what that is like!

  25. Diana says:

    We had a Princess Party this weekend as a birthday party with 9 little girls and I printed out this photo and framed it for our birthday girl. Its the perfect princess carriage. What a thrill to be able to see the real thing! Thanks for sharing.

  26. Elisabetta says:

    Ho apprezzato molto questi video. Grazie per avermi mandato il link: davvero belli questi tuoi video! Peccato tu non sia passato anche da Brescia quando eri qui in Italia!!!!

  27. Jen says:

    One word for Tintoretto, and that is brilliant!

  28. Nat says:

    Tintoretto was very, very talented. His work has left such a huge impact on so many of us.. including myself.

  29. Janet says:

    This video was wonderful, thank you!

  30. Shelly says:

    Wow this is one of the reasons I have always wanted to visit Italy. I am a big fan of Tintoretto’s paintings, I have always found them to be quite exquisite.

  31. Tavis says:

    Scott, what a wonderful and informative post about historical art, and thanks for adding the great videos too.

  32. Gina says:

    I have always wanted to visit Venice especially, for this reason.

  33. Ashley says:

    When I was in Rome, I visited the Tintoretto Painting Exhibit and I have to say the paintings were never liked what I have ever seen before. I have always loved his work but never really got to know more of it until I visited the exhibit. That was one incredible experience.

  34. Terri says:

    I really enjoyed watching the video about the Egyptian designed carriages. I found that to be so fascinating. My mother used to be in love with that style as well.

  35. Anna says:

    I am actually visiting Italy in a month and I am looking forward to visiting the historical areas in Rome and Venice. I always have been a fan of Tintoretto’s work.

    • Scott M. Haskins says:

      Perhaps the Tintoretto show will still be up. The visit to the Quiriniale hill with an explanation book in hand I found to be very interesting. Have a great trip!

  36. Hi Scott, I loved your videos. I was fortunate to have Matteo take me to see the Royal Carrige collection when his team of conservators were cleaning one of the amazing coaches. They are magnificent and very Cinderella like. The harness and tack room has fourteen foot high hand carved iluminated display cases which seem tomgomon for miles. They beautifully exhibit special horse saddles, harness, tack, whips, crops etc. and grooms or attendants uniforms given to royalty as gifts from all over the world. Every piece of bright work or metal sparkled and there was no sign of mold and all appear perfectly maintained. As a horse woman I know how difficult this is to achieve. I congratulate Matteo the conservation project leader, on his successful treatments. His structural work treating monumental period canvases is a unique and rare speciality. I wish I had been there too. Thankyou for your video. It brought it all back.

    • Scott M. Haskins says:

      Thanks for leaving your insights, Susan. I know that you as an art conservator, as well as being a horse person, know these things too from a technical point of view. The visit was so interesting! I loved the small details. One of the interesting details was that the work of the collection care personnel is never done. While we were looking at the carriages, three new very evident spots of flaking paint had arisen. And as we were discussing this with Matteo, he pointed to one spot and as he did so, the spot of paint fell to the floor. It’s a constant process. But they all looked like they were ready for a fairy tale adventure.

  37. Matteo says:

    Ciao Scott, grazie del messaggio e dei video. Sei bravissimo!!!! Davvero complimenti, un ottimo lavoro, mi sono piaciuti moltissimo.

  38. Danny says:

    Last year I went to the Philadelphia Museum of Art and it was absolutely spectacular. If you enjoy learning about art history you will love this museum.

  39. Faith says:

    The historical Italian royal carriages are absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for showing the pics too. Absolutely lovely.

  40. Rita Wright says:

    Absolutely stunning! I wish we could get more people interested in the amazing abilities manifested in the decorative aspects of these different decorative art forms. I did quite a bit of work for my dissertation on the Egyptian interest so that carriage was especially fun.
    Thanks so much for sharing—
    Rita R. Wright
    Curator of Art and Artifacts

  41. Marc Bullard says:

    Good editing, nice video. Looking good with the description box and keywords.
    The YouTube Marketing Expert and author “YouTube Marketing Handbook”

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