Mural Cleaning in Historic Building Construction – Project Changes – Being nimble, versatile, flexible… and “on it”!

We thought we were on a superficial mural cleaning and varnishing project! But its a bit more adventurous than that. In the jungle of scaffolding and working among an army of 1,500 demolition and construction workers and equipment we realize that we are the final “face” that the client will see. Everybody else’s work will be hidden behind walls but our work will be the outward final “look” of the project. So, when I came up with an unexpected cleaning spot on the murals this week, it prompted a gathering of all the chiefs to have a pow wow… since it was going to potentially throw this huge project off schedule IF they wanted to do the in-depth varnish removal cleaning and have major changes (for the better) in the appearance of the murals (brighter, original colors).Mural Restoration Scaffolding

Scaffolding to reach 3,800 sq. ft of murals

“Unexpected” is a funny word, you might say? Am I not the art conservation expert? Did I not do tests ahead of time as the mural restoration consultant? There shouldn’t be anything unexpected!

Well, as it often happens, the client asks for an estimate as they begin to plan the project and get bids. Its WAY ahead of the start date so the building is still in use. When you do the “walk through” with the client there’s no scaffolding, no in-depth tests, no opportunity to figure out all the possible problems and options. I did do a couple of very small tests, during that initial walk-through that showed that the varnish couldn’t be dissolved. But these walls needed exploratory surgery in order to figure out all the details, which I didn’t get a chance to do… until the scaffolding was set up and the location was closed to the public. But by then, the construction schedule and budget were set.

As I said, the varnish couldn’t be dissolved with solvents. This 50 year old varnish was grayish yellow and hard. But once we were given the time to figure it out, we discovered the varnish could be safely swelled, without etching into or dissolving the original paint of the murals. Once the client saw the cleaning tests and the wonderful bright colors of the historic original murals, they flipped with enthusiasm!

Shortly thereafter, the client changed the project’s scope from grime removal and superficial cleaning and varnish to the overall removal of the discolored varnish. Here is a short time lapse video of the cleaning test which reflects the process we ended up having to go through, which I think you will find interesting:

When a mural conservation project is part of a historic preservation and construction project there are timelines to consider and keeping in step with other subcontractors and their responsibilities. If one subcontractor is late, it affects everyone. In the case of this project, FACL, Inc. worked closely with the client’s representative and agent to:

* accomplish the highest quality art restoration treatments of the historic murals

* we are hired to also act as consultant to two artists who painted a new murals that blended with the historic murals

*We responded in a timely effort to abate water damage when a main water line in the ceiling of one of the murals rooms

Basically, FACL oversaw the quality control of all tasks having to do with the historic murals.

Mural paint water damage

Peeling paint from water damage

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