Kent Twitchell’s Final Stroke of Genius on the Mural “The Word” – Biola Jesus

I’ve written before about the work we did with mural artist extraordinaire Kent Twtichell (probably the most famous artist in LA and maybe the most famous mural artist in the USA) on his mural called the Biola Jesus by the public but formally named, “The Word.” Its located at, you guessed it, Biola University in la Mirada CA (Los Angeles) and is realy a wonderful image and artistic expression.

Some time ago, there was an olive tree in front of the mural that died and was removed. Well, this tree was part of Twitchell’s composition! It was considered an important part of the placement of the central figure, coloring etc.

You can see the videos about the restoration work (which was really interesting and entertaining) at

The wonderful detail I’m now posting about is the planting of a new tree, just to make the mural “whole” again. Note that this is a BIG olive tree and very expensive. I applaud loudly the sensitivity of the university to the overall effect the mural with the tree can have on the public.

The Word with new tree

The new olive tree replacement was originally part of Twitchell's composition of the mural

We’ve been working on another mural by Kent Twitchell that is located on a freeway and was heavily tagged. If you’d like to see what that interesting project is about go to

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