Can The Restoration of Contemporary Public Art Murals Ethically Include Repainting?

Is the repainting of a contemporary mural

in the name of restoration ever acceptable?” 

The case of the Blue Moon Trilogy

The International Institute for Conservation (London, England) asked Scott M. Haskins, professional art conservator, to address this question in a thought provoking article in the August 2019 News in Conservation. Here is the article link… considered widely as “a good read,” if public art conservation issues are of interest:

Here is an image of the #BlueMoonTrilogy mural after restoration 


Another practical example of the IIC article is with a recent mural restoration project that involved repainting by the original artist in the historic town of Woodland, CA. Scott M. Haskins, mural conservator, was asked to consult and help apply a final varnish. How does the restoration work done on Gazing into Infinity differ from that of Blue Moon Trilogy?

Gazing into Infinity After Restoration 2019

By Larry Le Brane, Guest Blogger

🌻🐝🌻🐝 Fans, check out Colleen Gnos‘ current exhibit of sea-life gems. LOVE that 7’ tall #honeybee. Very cool final result, Colleen! You & your art conservation Pal, Scott M. Haskins must be happy to finish your 2012 mural “Gazing Into Infinity’s” enhancements. Wow, Colleen! Jim Smith of the Woodland Daily Democrat wrote a great story about the enhancement you’ve just finished for your 2012 #mural “Gazing Into Infinity,” with Scott M. Haskins offering an expert hand with art conservation help!  🌻🐝🌻🐝 Nice description here… Gnos said her paintings tend to be narrative, especially her murals. “‘Gazing Into Infinity’ shows the story of a hardworking man connected to his farm. That industrious lifestyle reflects families who live and farm in Woodland, Dixon, and other California regions, working their own land,” she stated. Big Thanks to Jim Smith & Grow West for sharing this artful story… .  The 3D bee is sooooo cool looking. As well as the bright coloring. And the picture frame bings it all together. NICE JOB.👏👏👏 

7′ Bee on Huge Sunflower

And for your CA Friends & Family, here’s today’s 6:30am Good Day Sacramento TV interview with Ashley Williams getting final Colleen Gnos Art mural updates — a big deal if you live in Woodland, Winters, Dixon & surrounding areas. Enjoy! 🐝🎨🐝…/4131690…/…  🐝🎨🐝 Terrific to see Colleen Gnos & acclaimed art conservationist, Scott M. Haskins talking about what they’re doing in Woodland, CA’s high temps today, with final touches on mural enhancements to 2012’s ‘Gazing Into Infinity!’ BIG THANKS to Jim Smith of The Woodland Daily Democrat for the interview! 🐝🎨

Wouldn’t it be cool to have Colleen making #murals up in the air in San Luis Obispo County? Thanks for supporting all our muralists & public art, 

Team Larry 😎

Colleen Testimonial for Scott

Contemporary Mural Restoration

About Scott M. Haskins

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