Family Heirloom Painting Restoration in Salt Lake City – Testimonial

“What is a painting worth” is a subject I’ve written on several times; there’s financial value, emotional value and historical value. It’s doubly nice when your emotional ties or historical connection, like with a family heirloom, is also a really nice work of art. Affecting value, is the condition and the needed oil painting restoration (painting conservation, art conservation, art restoration) like rip repair, cleaning a painting, flaking paint repair.

This family heirloom and collectible painting, inherited from the owner’s grandmother was painted in the 1890s and was still gorgeous but suffering badly from all three of the above problems. Here’s a photo of the flaking paint that was caused by the canvas getting wet, dripped across the back probably unprotected in storage.

Oil painting flaking water damage

Oil painting flaking water damage

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Scott Haskins has been in professional art conservation since 1975, specializing in the conservation/restoration of easel paintings, murals and art on paper. FACL, Inc. is known nationally for doing A+ work no matter the size or difficulty of the project. We are happy to do a quick cleaning on a family heirloom. Our client list and resume is also full of very satisfied clients of large, difficult/complicated projects at remote locations. Excellent services are also available as an Expert Witness/Legal Testimony in art related matters. Consultation on art related projects occur regularly including extensive insurance evaluations for insured or insurer. Services are offered worldwide. Scott M. Haskins is also author of the "Save Your Stuff" series, educational information, materials and supplies to help people protect and save their treasured family heirlooms and collectibles at home and office. He can be reached at 805 564 3438. Video and written testimonials at
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25 Responses to Family Heirloom Painting Restoration in Salt Lake City – Testimonial

  1. Carol Harris says:

    I really love how you can bring so much back into an old painting. It really makes me wonder how great they all looked back in the day when they were painted.

  2. Gary Barlow says:

    Just amazing! I am sure you made the day of that family forever!

  3. Patricia Plummer says:

    Having gone through an art restoration class myself and sort of knowing the ins and outs, I would have to say that your restoration process is genuine and amazing! I cannot believe the “after” of that painting.

  4. Leo Oliver says:

    You talk a lot about unprotected storage. What do you recommend for a painting that is going to be stored long term so that the owner can avoid some of these side effects of storing it?

    • Scott M. Haskins says:

      Are we talking about a framed painting? Does it have plexi or glass? It is a slim molding frame or an ornate gilt Victorian frame. Each item requires some common sense and a few special precautions.

  5. Michael Judd says:

    Thank you for sharing, Scott. Your work is a true art!

  6. George Scott says:

    Do you have a backlog of projects? It seems like you are the only business that is worth contacting about something like this and I just wonder what the normal turn around time is on a project like this.

  7. Manuel Rearick says:

    Wow, do you really think that you can restore any painting that you see? This is the 3rd or 4th video that I have watched that are a great success for your customer. That must make you feel really good!

  8. Caroline Boice says:

    There is something about being able to restore a painting that is almost 100 years old that really makes me appreciate art even more. The long term life that it holds is just out of this world. Thank you for sharing the story.

  9. Leah Russell says:

    I told my dad that a painting like this could be restored and he did not believe me. I guess I have to show him the videos on your site!

  10. Carol Harder says:

    I have been reading your site for a while now and each restoration is different, but you make them all seem so easy. Being able to bring a painting back to life for the customer is just a great accomplishment and your business is one service that is truly needed in the art market.

  11. Forest Herron says:

    This is great news for anyone that gets an heirloom painting and they feel the need to get it restored. How many years do you think you added to the life of this painting?

  12. Sean Correa says:

    It almost seems like just by cleaning up the painting you can add a new dimension to it. The detail seemed much higher when you were done with it. Good work.

  13. Michelle Goodwin says:

    Wow, I would toss a painting in the trash the minute I saw a tear in it like this one. You really were able to bring that painting back to life and that is totally amazing! Wow! I have to share this with my artist friends for sure.

  14. Viola Littles says:

    Even though most paintings have the financial value that everyone loves to learn about, you know that emotional value is much higher!

  15. Dominique White says:

    When it comes to restoring paintings, it looks like you have built yourself a great reputation. Great work and keep it up, you are giving memories back to people and that is something that not many people get to do.

  16. Ollie Jones says:

    I wonder where the line is drawn on what you can actually help with. My parents have a painting they have been holding onto forever and it has a rip about 2 inches in from the frame that is the entire height of the frame. Is that something you can fix? I see your work here and it looks great!

  17. Carolyn Scherer says:

    Oh man, I have a painting that has a similar surface on it that could most likely go for a cleaning. Do you think that is something that I contact you for? I do not see any other repairs needed, but maybe your trained eye sees something else.

  18. Marsha Lemus says:

    Really great story. I bet when that block went through the painting the family thought it was as good as trash! Nice work on the restore project.

  19. Charlene Jones says:

    Another excellent job, Scott! The work you do restoring these paintings is amazing and one-of-a-kind I am sure!

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