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Art Conservation – Painting Restoration

If you have studied art, collect paintings, visit museums, love period films, favor historic preservation of old buildings and are interested in restoration and preserving the past… YOU WILL FIND THESE NEXT TWO VIDEOS MOST INTERESTING!

Here is a quick insider’s tour of our painting conservation lab.

We are also well known for Mural Conservation/Restoration – On-location jobs even outside of the US. Here is a quick super-interesting video introduction to our capabilities”

We often provide the following services:

Analysis for condition/authenticity

Art related insurance evaluations – damage assessments

Expert witness/legal testimony

Art collection consultations where extensive experience is required

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We do work for people in the LA Area, Palm Springs Area, Carmel/Monterey, OC-Laguna Beach, Santa Barbara Area, NV, UT, AZ, TX. See some of our testimonials! Click here.

Testimonials include both short videos and written for:

Art conservation services

Expert witness, legal testimony and consultation work

Here’s quick testimonial regarding helping with insurance matters/claims

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One of the techniques used by conservators to evaluate art and determine previous restorations is a UV black light. Learn about a new UV light, NEW INFO!

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Call us at 805 564 3438 office

or 805 570 4140 Scott’s mobile – after hours and on weekends OK

email Scott Haskins at


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106 Responses to Home

  1. Barbara Barrett says:

    I have inherited a gilt on wood rococo parcour mirror that has been that has been appraised but not been dated more precisely than that general description and also has not been assigned a country of origin. It is rather large, ornate and heavy with an interesting back story (as to how it got to me) – but nothing further back than that. I live in L.A..
    1) Do you think your service would be able to determine anything more precise about the mirror’s origins?
    2) Can such frames be cleaned , (rather than needing restoration i.e., releafing) and is that something that you do?
    I have photos that I can send, of course, thank you.

  2. Scott M. Haskins says:

    Thanks for inquiring Dennis. Let’s talk on the phone. My mobile number is 805 570 4140. I’d be happy to work with you.

  3. Scott M. Haskins says:

    Thanks for checking in Tom. is my email. TTYS

  4. Tom Lamb says:

    Checking in to make sure I have your current email address, as I just sent a couple of emails – one to you and one to the Festival of Arts

    Scott Haskins

  5. Dennis Gerber says:

    Hi, this is Dennis with The Furniture Doctor, and we have a customer that has a large 60×20″ family portrait on canvas that has been stretched and has a crease in it. We were wondering if you could repair it?

  6. Scott M. Haskins says:

    Thanks Jim. I’ll call you right away.

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