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Scott M. Haskins, Fine Art Conservator and his widely known and esteemed company, FACL, Inc. has been providing art conservation and painting restoration services in Orange County, CA since 1984. Some of our clients include the Laguna Beach Art Festival, the Laguna Art Museum, the 5 Crowns Restaurant (actually the corporation owns 9 similar places and we do work for them all), the Bowers Museum, art dealers, art appraisers, decorators and numerous private clients . Services are provided on a continual basis, even making appearances as a consultant for art related insurance claims, as legal testimony and to give collection care and disaster planning workshops to members and docents as their art conservation expert and author of How To Save Your Stuff From A Disaster.

Routinely, a call comes into our office (805 564 3438) or by email ( and we chat over the phone. When we get a call to restore a painting, clean a painting, fix artwork, repair a rip in a canvas painting, analyze a painting we schedule a personal visit to look over/evaluate the artwork at your location, offering a estimate of the work up front at no charge. Then, if the work is to be done, we offer PU/Delivery to your home or office. The work’s schedule, however, needs to coordinate with our other project pick ups and deliveries in the area.  We work on small family heirloom pieces, on California Impressionist pictures, on Post War Expressionism Art and on Old Master paintings. One of our specializations is the restoration of murals.   See this quick 2 min. video testimonial about our background:

We also do art conservation and painting restoration work in the Palm Springs area, Los Angeles and as far north as San Francisco. We do a lot of work in the Carmel/Monterey area. We have many important clients in Las Vegas and the Provo/ Salt lake City, Utah areas. We have work shipped to us from clients all over the Western US and we work on murals nationally. Here is a quick tour of our lab

We look forward to speaking with you about your art conservation questions and project. The following links will give you more interesting information:

Additional testimonials for art restoration services:

Using a black light when inspecting artwork:

How To Repair a Rip In A Canvas Painting:

Why we do not (and nobody else should either) patch a rip in a painting:

Give Scott M. Haskins a call at 805 564 3438

Art appraisal questions? Call Fred Page in Orange County at 949 675 4100 and Richard Holgate in Los Angeles and northern cities at 805 895 5121

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  1. Warren says:

    Dear Scott: It was great meeting you yesterday. I just want to let you know how much we are thrilled with your restoration expertise and the consulting you are doing for the Prado Dam Mural. It is a wonderful boost for our community and serves as a great gateway greeting into Corona, Riverside and about 5 or 6 other communities. It sounds like you folks are on a fast track with the proper connections and interest to get the mural restored. Let me know if I or our rag tag group can assist in any way to facilitate this. As you had mentioned, the maintenance of the mural will be an ongoing challenge. It will be important to determine what agencies(y) will spear head that responsibility. As I had mentioned I would be happy to serve as a community watchdog for its preservation. We are hopeful that it will be protected from graffiti which, in the past, has marred so badly this important public art for anyone driving by on the freeways. Please keep me up to date on the progress in the complete restoration process. Sincerely yours, Warren

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  3. A print has its 4 corners glued to the back mat (Lichtenstein’s Crying Girl – worth about 50K). It needs to be freed. Do you do this kind of work? Thanks

    • Scott M. Haskins says:

      Hi Joel, thanks for leaving your comment/request. I’d be happy to discuss your question on the phone. Give me a call on Monday? 805 564 3438 TTYS, Scott

  4. Nicholas Bleakley says:

    This is really interesting and I enjoyed your article. I’ve got a painting we could look at so I’ll call your number on this page. Thanks for your services you offer.

  5. Michael Updar says:

    We bought a painting at a swap meet and it has your label for restoration work on it. We don’t know anything about the artwork… can we call and get whatever info you have in your records?

    • Scott M. Haskins says:

      Michael, we charge to go back into our archives and provide a copy of the information. Call me and we can discuss: 805 564 3438 TTYS, Scott

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  7. Billie Schmidt says:

    Testimonials in this business are a huge part of it. Thank you for posting them as they are what help me decide if your company is the right one for the job!

  8. Jenny Rivera says:

    The first thing that I think about is who is going to do the restorations when you are done with them? Paintings that you fix are many years old and some day, art created today will be in need of repair. I hope you are passing your great knowledge and talent on 🙂

  9. Dale Brock says:

    Is it possible that you have a brochure or something that I could hand out when talking with other friends about art and things like that? I really would like to promote your service without using just the internet. Thank you.

    • Scott M. Haskins says:

      Dale, Sorry Dale, all our info is online. Although, the best way to get info about it is to call me. Feel free to pass our my phone number 805 564 3438. After a phone call to discuss questions, we usually work out a time to come to the house or office to look at and discuss the actual problems of the artwork. I do not charge for this consultation.

  10. Ashley Eicher says:

    At least you have testimonials on your site. I have been to a few other “preservation” websites and that is the only thing missing. There are plenty of promises, but I like to hear from other customers.

  11. Rhonda Sutera says:

    I have a painting and like many others here, am not sure what to do with it. It was purchased from an estate sale about 10 years ago and really just looks like it needs to be cleaned. When I looked up how to clean on YouTube, I actually found your videos. I am not sure the type of materials that it is, so I am not sure where to start. Can you help?

  12. Francisco Gano says:

    It seems like a lot of people have good things to say about your work, Scott. Its good to know and I appreciate everyone’s comments as I decide to whom I should entrust what I consider a valuable family portrait for repair 🙂

  13. Pierre Ortez says:

    Thank you for your service Scott. You saved a painting that I would have thought was trash!

  14. Linda Elliott says:

    I work at a local YMCA and we have a mural there that was looked at by another restoring firm. The prices they are asking seem like they are quite high and I would like a second opinion. Can you help us?

  15. Kelli Ware says:

    William says that you provided good work for one of his friends. That is very good testimonial for your business. Your brand and your work must really get around. That is a good thing. I will keep you in mind for restoration work.

  16. Caroline Stookey says:

    Thank you, Scott. ALL of the information that you provide here is 100% valuable to the painting lover inside of all of us.

  17. Sandra Johnson says:

    There are so many paintings that I overlook at estate sales because I am not sure they can be repaired. I am glad to have come across your site. I will have to keep you in mind the next time I run into a painting at a sale!

  18. Carl McCarthy says:

    I am going to have to agree with Lisa. She said that there is never a discussion about repair and preservation in art class. This is something that I would be completely interested in. Do you speak at school as well?

    • Scott M. Haskins says:

      Carl, there are so many variables that its impossible to teach someone a “tip” or technique and then be able to universally apply it to all paintings. Since we are in the business to save and protect art, it would be counter-productive to teach people how to be dangerous.

  19. Douglas Smith says:

    You provide an awesome service Scott. Even going to different locations to help preserve almost lost murals and things like that says a lot about your character.

    • Scott M. Haskins says:

      Thanks for the comment Douglas. We feel there is a social conscience to what we do. Here’s an interesting list of mural projects we have worked on over the years: Click here

  20. Gerald Miller says:

    What if you want to have a nice painting, but you do not have a good place to display it just yet? Is there a proper way to store a painting to ensure it stays in one piece?

  21. Ronald Perry says:

    With all of these great testimonials it is hard to believe that anyone would question your work 🙂 You do a great job and it is because of that, that I recommend you to anyone that I hear talk about a painting that is in need of repair. Keep up the good work!

  22. Margaret Beverly says:

    I am afraid that I have a painting that looks to be beyond repair to me, but maybe you can help. Is there an email that I can send pictures to so you can tell me if its worth fixing?

  23. Scott Stenberg says:

    Thank you for offering these professional services and explaining how you can help people with older pieces of art. People, do not throw “ruined” paintings away! Scott can help, trust the word of all of the people that posted here.

  24. Dan Caruso says:

    Well, I do not think it was chance that I ended up on your site! I need a painting analyzed, but do not live in the area. Is there a possibility that I can ship it to you for that work to be done?

  25. Tammy says:

    I have Mexican Feather Art, 4 pictures that are vintage. The feathers are deteriorating and the black background has holes in it.

    Where can I get these nice pictures restored?

    • Scott M. Haskins says:

      Hi Tammy, feel free to call me to discuss. 805 570 4140 It would be a little too involved to carry on a discussion here in the comment section. TTYS, Scott

  26. Ann says:

    This is to recognize Scott Haskins for his very kind and thorough consultation over the phone. I was completely ignorant of my options, regarding a painting, and Scott very patiently explained them to me.

  27. David Guetta says:

    I always find painting restoration interesting yet intriguing. There’s always an interesting story. That’s why I would love to do it one day but for me it seems like a work for the experts only.

  28. Paul Sanderson says:

    Top work in putting this post together. Art lasts through the ages only if you take care of it and I can’t be more thankful of some of your details you have provided here.

  29. Clay says:

    Nice videos and great way to keep paintings in the best condition as possible or repair ones that have been damaged.

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