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如果你学过艺术, 收集画作, 参观博物馆, 喜欢古装片, 有利于历史保护古建筑和有兴趣的恢复和保持过去… YOU WILL FIND THESE NEXT TWO VIDEOS MOST INTERESTING!

Here is a quick insider’s tour of our painting conservation lab.

我们也是众所周知的壁画保存/恢复 – 外景的工作,甚至在美国以外的. Here is a quick super-interesting video introduction to our capabilities

We often provide the following services:


艺术相关的保险评估 – 损失评估



请点击竖起大拇指向我们展示您的支持, 现在就!

我们工作人员在洛杉矶地区, 棕榈泉地区, 卡梅尔/蒙特利, OC-拉古纳海滩, 圣巴巴拉地区, NV, 输出, 本, TX. See some of our testimonials! Click here.

Testimonials include both short videos and written for:

Art conservation services

专家证人, 法律证词和咨询工作


Go to

其中所使用的保护者评价艺术和先前确定的修复技术是紫外线黑光灯. Learn about a new UV light, NEW INFO!

Go to /紫外线黑光灯


联系我们: 805 564 3438 办公室

或 805 570 4140 斯科特的手机 – after hours and on weekends OK


善于交际, 共享!

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  1. James Houston 说:

    I called off of an internet search for help with cleaning important (or us!) family portraits and I was very pleased to get an immediate call back, an affable conversation with Scott Haskins and I was pleased to know that his visit to our house in Orange County will be easily within his travel route. So, my initial connect was easy, interesting and pleasant.

  2. shelly 说:

    Thanks for this great information. I love art and like these videos.

  3. Maurice 说:

    The Thomas Hunt arrived on Saturday morning and is now safely leaning against a wall in my writing room. 你和你的团队真正执行的魔力 … 一个了不起的恢复! 非常感谢. 我期待着在做大量的业务一起.

  4. Thank you for sharing the video tour and your other interesting info. Good stuff.

  5. Amanda Sellers 说:

    I liked the video which was so interesting. I am also an artist and I was thinking of doing some restoration on the side. 这就是为什么我发现你的网站,因为我是搜索信息. 但我不认为这是我应该尝试在工作现场. I can see that it takes a lot of training and it really doesn’t seem very creative/artistic. I think I’ll leave it to the professionals.

  6. 斯科特M. 哈斯金斯 说:

    Thanks Phil for your comments and kinds words. Its always a pleasure

  7. Philip Henius 说:

    Scott Haskins and the crew at FACL have been a beacon of light in what is often a dark night. As many avid collectors know and as Scott has mentioned repeatedly, buying fine arts can be a very slippery slope. 的问题时,评价一幅画,可以存在无数几乎是无止境的. If not for Scott I would be without my best tool when it comes to evaluating works of art for authenticity, restoration and condition. FACL has the best outfitted lab on the west coast and with Scott’s in-depth experience in analyzing art, FACL是必须的“尽职调查”.
    当你知道你正在进入 (或出) FACL’s expert restoration staff once again has the tools and expertise to care for your fine art like family. I feel quite lucky to have a Conservation house of international renown right her in my home town, I just wish I’d meet them sooner!
    Thanks Scott, Francesca, Oriana and Virginia
    Philip Henius…..collector

  8. Johann Normand 说:

    Thanks for the post. I should have an X-ray and chemical examination done BEFORE I decide whether it’s worth removing the old varnish and paint.

  9. Diane Burton 说:

    I have 2 small paintings done by Henri Moser. I’d like to have them cleaned. Can you look at them?

    Thank You,


  10. Adam Worth 说:

    I couldn’t take the responsibility of having to work with such a priceless item. I really respect these people.

  11. Hello Scott,
    I would like to thank you for discussing our pigment analysis needs. I appreciate your willingness to advise in our project. I forwarded your contact info to Jill Mellick as she would personally like to explain the details.


  12. 斯科特M. 哈斯金斯 说:

    Hi John,
    感谢您留下您的评论. 是的, 我们做的那种 “研究” 所有工作的时间. Call me so we can discuss the variables and details? 805 570 4140 – 斯科特

  13. John 说:

    I have an old master painting with a “Rubens” label on it. My grandmother bought it in the 1930s. I’ve had various art dealers look at it and no one will give it an absolute yes or no. (They all want to buy it or sell it.) It is absolutely very old, possibly School of Rubens. The problem is, it has suffered a terrible 19th century “restoration” job. With a black light, I can see that the entire painting (with minuscule exceptions) has been overpainted. Poorly overpainted. 然而, the composition is good and there are telltale clues that it could possibly be real underneath all the crud. I took it to a conservator today who suggested that if I want to know for sure, I should have an X-ray and chemical examination done BEFORE I decide whether it’s worth removing the old varnish and paint. Perhaps it was a Rubens that was cleaned early on by someone who didn’t know what they were doing and they removed some original paint? Who knows. My question is, where do I find someone who can do such a scientific examination of my painting? Do you do that? I look forward to hearing your comments. Thanks.
    John´s last [type] ..The Last Stand Watch Free Full Length Movies Online Without Downloading or signing up

  14. 斯科特M. 哈斯金斯 说:

    Lewis, 是的, we can address all the issues you’ve discussed. PLease give me a call. 805 564 3438 office or 805 570 4140 mobile Talk to you soon, 斯科特

  15. Lewis Mason 说:

    Dear Scott, I found your contact information on the website of the De Young
    Museum. I recently inherited a painting made by a well known artist; 我的祖父的肖像. 不幸的是它被损坏
    在运输过程中, 玻璃罩破裂,玻璃碎片划伤
    the paper. Also the stucco of the frame was damaged. Can you repair
    this? Also I would need your advice for if we should re-frame it or
    repair the current frame, whether we should put glass in front or
    离开它无玻璃. I would be interested to hear what you can do and what cost I should
    be thinking off.
    Thank you and best regards, Lewis.

  16. Dawn Maloof 说:

    这是一个非常有趣的视频. 谢谢你这么多的使. 我要与我的一个朋友,现在分享. She is an art teacher and her husband does special effects for the movies. I know they will love it. I am so glad I came across this page today. This was great.


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