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Art Conservation – Schilderij Restauratie

If you have studied art, collect paintings, visit museums, love period films, favor historic preservation of old buildings and are interested in restoration and preserving the pastYOU WILL FIND THESE NEXT TWO VIDEOS MOST INTERESTING!

Here is a quick insider’s tour of our painting conservation lab.

We are also well known for Mural Conservation/RestorationOn-location jobs even outside of the US. Hier is een snelle super-interessante video introductie tot onze mogelijkheden”

Wij bieden vaak de volgende diensten:

Analysis for condition/authenticity

Art related insurance evaluationsdamage assessments

Expert witness/legal testimony

Kunstcollectie overleg waar veel ervaring is vereist

Klik op de duimen omhoog om ons te tonen uw steun, NU!

We do work for people in the LA Area, Palm Springs Area, Carmel/Monterey, OC-Laguna Beach, Santa Barbara Area, NV, UT, AZ, TX. Zie sommige van onze testimonials!Klik hier.

Getuigenissen omvatten zowel korte video's en geschreven voor:

Kunst instandhouding diensten

Expert witness, legal testimony and consultation work

Here’s quick testimonial regarding helping with insurance matters/claims

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One of the techniques used by conservators to evaluate art and determine previous restorations is a UV black light. Learn about a new UV light, NEW INFO!

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Call us at 805 564 3438 kantoor

or 805 570 4140 Scott’s mobileafter hours and on weekends OK

email Scott Haskins at

Wees Gezellig, Aandeel!

78 Antwoorden op Thuis

  1. Scott M. Haskins zegt:

    Sorry Gerlinde, I don’t know if any magic varnish that will correct your problems.
    Best wishes,

  2. Scott M. Haskins zegt:

    Hi Anne, Thanks for your inquiry. Give us a call at our lab and let’s discuss it (805 564 3438) or call my mobile (805 570 4140) or send me your phone number to my email at

  3. Anne Dillon zegt:

    Hi Scott,

    I’m on the East Coast, in Vermont, and wondering if you have an East Coast counterpart or someone you could recommend? I am interested in having some of my old paintings examined with infrared.

    Thank you and best regards,

    Anne Dillon

  4. Scott M. Haskins zegt:

    We are located in Santa Barbara, CA. We do home or office visits as far South as San Diego, up through Las Vegas to SLC and North (in CA) to Monterey. We do pick up and delivery in all these places. Call to discuss? 805 564 3438

  5. Gerlinde Kugler zegt:

    I am an artist in Ireland who painted a mural with children at a local school. I used acrylic paint, but there seems to be moisture coming from the back of the wall. This makes it start to flake in certain areas.
    There is also a problem where the kids kick balls against the wall and it damages it in certain areas. I have repaired the mural 3 times now over the past 9 jaar, and sealed it with polybond, which is a medium viscosity homopolymer emulsion of Vinyl Acetate. Echter, this does not seem to last very long.
    If you could email me any information or recommendations as to which varnish or finish would work well I would greatly appreciate it!
    I hope to hear from you soon,
    Kind Regards,
    Gerlinde Kugler´s laatste [type] ..Gerlinde » Home

  6. Scott M. Haskins zegt:

    Hi Martha, It may be something that can be dealt with but I would need to talk to you about it. Can you call our office or send me an email with your number and I’ll call you. Thanks for leaving you comment. TTYS Scott 805 564 3438

  7. Martha Potter Kim zegt:

    My daughter has one of the lithos that the Giclee Gallery in London ran off of Picasso’s portrait of Francoise Gilot. They used not only the original plate but the original press and paper stock as well. Unfortunately while she was away the roof leaked above it, so now it is stained. Is this type of damage the kind of thing you handle?

  8. Scott M. Haskins zegt:

    We are located in Santa Barbara, CA. We do home or office visits as far South as San Diego, up through Las Vegas to SLC and North (in CA) to Monterey. We do pick up and delivery in all these places. Call to discuss? 805 564 3438

  9. Frayda Salkin zegt:

    I have two small oil paintings that need restoration. One is dated 1847 which has a small cut in the canvas and needs cleaning. The other needs restoration and has a couple of old, poorly done, repairs that look very old. The frame also needs repair. I have all the pieces that have come off. I’d be happy to bring the paintings to you in order to get your opinion. Where are you located? Thanks so much.

  10. Patricia Holt zegt:

    I called Scott with a question about paper sticking to some of our paintings that had been wrapped and if I should send the paintings to him to remove the paper so we would not damage the paintings. He spent quite a bit of time with me on the phone detailing how we could try to get the paper off ourselves in a way that would be safe for the paintings and of course save us the cost of sending the paintings to him and the cost of his doing this for us. He was entirely professional, forthcoming, and generous with his time and knowledge, even though this conversation would not result in any payments to him. We will use him for any restoration work we may need to do with paintings in the future because of his professionalism and generosity.

  11. Scott M. Haskins zegt:

    I’m sorry Peggy, I don’t. Best wishes, Scott

  12. Peggy Lewis zegt:

    I am very interested in learning about antique frame restoration. I live in Virginia and in Florida. Do you know of any source of information or instruction in repairing and restoring antique frames, particularly frames that are gilded or gold leafed?

  13. James Houston zegt:

    I called off of an internet search for help with cleaning important (or us!) family portraits and I was very pleased to get an immediate call back, an affable conversation with Scott Haskins and I was pleased to know that his visit to our house in Orange County will be easily within his travel route. Dus, my initial connect was easy, interesting and pleasant.

  14. shelly zegt:

    Thanks for this great information. I love art and like these videos.

  15. Maurice zegt:

    The Thomas Hunt arrived on Saturday morning and is now safely leaning against a wall in my writing room. You and your team truly performed magica terrific restoration! Many thanks. I look forward to doing plenty of business together.

  16. Thank you for sharing the video tour and your other interesting info. Good stuff.

  17. Amanda Sellers zegt:

    I liked the video which was so interesting. I am also an artist and I was thinking of doing some restoration on the side. That’s why I found your site as I was searching for info. But I don’t think this is a field that I should try working in. I can see that it takes a lot of training and it really doesn’t seem very creative/artistic. I think I’ll leave it to the professionals.

  18. Scott M. Haskins zegt:

    Thanks Phil for your comments and kinds words. Its always a pleasure

  19. Philip Henius zegt:

    Scott Haskins and the crew at FACL have been a beacon of light in what is often a dark night. As many avid collectors know and as Scott has mentioned repeatedly, buying fine arts can be a very slippery slope. De talloze problemen die kunnen bestaan ​​bij de beoordeling van een schilderij zijn bijna eindeloos. Als niet voor Scott ik zou zijn zonder mijn beste hulpmiddel als het gaat om de evaluatie van kunstwerken op echtheid, herstel en conditie. FACL heeft het beste uitgerust lab aan de westkust en met Scott's uitgebreide ervaring in het analyseren van de kunst, FACL is een must "due diligence".
    Nadat je weet wat je krijgt in (of uit) FACL’s expert restoration staff once again has the tools and expertise to care for your fine art like family. Ik voel me heel gelukkig om een ​​Conservation huis van internationale faam recht haar te hebben in mijn geboortestad, I just wish I’d meet them sooner!
    Thanks Scott, Francesca, Oriana and Virginia
    Philip Henius…..collector

  20. Johann Normand zegt:

    Thanks for the post. Ik zou moeten hebben een X-ray en chemische onderzoek gedaan voordat ik beslissen of het de moeite waard het verwijderen van de oude vernis en verf.

  21. Diane Burton zegt:

    Ik heb 2 schilderijtjes gedaan door Henri Moser. Ik zou graag hebben ze schoongemaakt. Kunt u kijken naar hen?

    Thank You,


  22. Adam Worth zegt:

    I couldn’t take the responsibility of having to work with such a priceless item. I really respect these people.

  23. Hello Scott,
    I would like to thank you for discussing our pigment analysis needs. Ik waardeer uw bereidheid om te adviseren in ons project. Ik uw contactgegevens doorgestuurd naar Jill Mellick als ze persoonlijk zou graag de details uit te leggen.


  24. Scott M. Haskins zegt:

    Hi John,
    Bedankt voor het verlaten van uw reactie. Ja, we dat soort doen “onderzoekende” de hele tijd. Bel me zodat we de variabelen en de details kunnen bespreken? 805 570 4140 – Scott

  25. John zegt:

    Ik heb een oude meester schilderij met een "Rubens"-label op. Mijn grootmoeder kocht het in de jaren 1930. Ik had verschillende kunsthandelaren kijken en niemand zal het een absolute ja of nee te geven. (Ze willen allemaal om het te kopen of te verkopen.) It is absolutely very old, possibly School of Rubens. The problem is, it has suffered a terrible 19th century “restoration” job. Met een zwart licht, Ik kan zien dat het hele schilderij (met minuscule uitzonderingen) is overschilderd. Slecht overschilderd. Echter, de samenstelling is goed en er zijn veelbetekenende aanwijzingen dat het misschien echt onder al de crud zou kunnen zijn. Ik nam het vandaag om een ​​conservator die suggereerde dat als ik wil zeker weten, Ik zou moeten hebben een X-ray en chemische onderzoek gedaan voordat ik beslissen of het de moeite waard het verwijderen van de oude vernis en verf. Perhaps it was a Rubens that was cleaned early on by someone who didn’t know what they were doing and they removed some original paint? Who knows. My question is, where do I find someone who can do such a scientific examination of my painting? Do you do that? I look forward to hearing your comments. Dank.
    John´s laatste [type] ..The Last Stand Watch Free Full Length Movies Online Without Downloading or signing up

  26. Scott M. Haskins zegt:

    Lewis, Ja, we can address all the issues you’ve discussed. PLease give me a call. 805 564 3438 office or 805 570 4140 mobile Talk to you soon, Scott

  27. Lewis Mason zegt:

    Dear Scott, I found your contact information on the website of the De Young
    Museum. I recently inherited a painting made by a well known artist; a portrait of my grandfather. Unfortunately it was damaged
    during shipping, the glass cover broke and the glass pieces scratched
    the paper. Also the stucco of the frame was damaged. Can you repair
    this? Also I would need your advice for if we should re-frame it or
    repair the current frame, whether we should put glass in front or
    leave it without glass. I would be interested to hear what you can do and what cost I should
    be thinking off.
    Thank you and best regards, Lewis.

  28. Dawn Maloof zegt:

    This was a very interesting video. Thank you so much for making it. I am going to share it right now with one of my friends. She is an art teacher and her husband does special effects for the movies. I know they will love it. I am so glad I came across this page today. This was great.

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